St Mary's Church burial ground, East Ruston, Norfolk, England

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1Mary first name on this monumentid: 70026

2Abigal-GrimesEric Abigal-Grimesfirst name on this monument1920721992id: 1065101
Winifred Abigal-Grimeswife of Eric Abigal-Grimes1921731994

3AldredHelen Frances Aldredfirst name on this monument1916842000id: 698342

4AllenDonald Allenfirst name on this monument1929802009id: 107632

5AllenJean Amy Allenfirst name on this monument1930661996id: 107122

6AtthillAnthony John Atthillfirst name on this monument1814621876no image1107Buried at Brandiston.
Maria Atthillwife of Anthony John Atthill1812761888

7BaconThomas Baconfirst name on this monument1799331832id: 699618

8BakerEmma Elizabeth Bakerfirst name on this monument1917771994id: 7071232
William George Bakerhusband of Emma Elizabeth Baker1986

9BakerFrederick Bakerfirst name on this monumentid: 108315

10BakerKathleen Mary Bakerfirst name on this monument1919741993id: 108512
Cecil Walter Bakerhusband of Kathleen Mary Baker1914922006

11BakerWallace Sidney Bakerfirst name on this monument1913751988id: 106015

12BakerWilfred George Bakerfirst name on this monument1910631973id: 103419

13BallsLeonard William Ballsfirst name on this monument1926782004id: 108230
Doris Elizabeth Ballswife of Leonard William Balls1924832007

14BarberAnn Barberfirst name on this monument1787701857id: 7034422
Jonathan Barber
Jonathan Barber1774861860

15BarberEmily Barberfirst name on this monument1852661918id: 1001142

16BarberJonathan Barberfirst name on this monument1827701897id: 7033112
Hannah Barberwife of Jonathan Barber74

17BarberPostle Barberfirst name on this monumentid: 7038603
Jonathan Barberfather of Postle Barber
Ann Barbermother of Postle Barber

18BarberRobert George Barberfirst name on this monument1887691956id: 1012162
Ethel Rebecca Barberwife of Robert George Barber1893781971

19BatesLydia Batesfirst name on this monument1871431914id: 99820
Thomas Frederick Bateshusband of Lydia Bates

20BatesThomas Batesfirst name on this monument1834751909id: 7101111

21BellBenjamin Bellfirst name on this monument1788691857id: 7025251

22BellClifford Arthur Bellfirst name on this monument1915761991id: 107411
Elsie Gladys Bellwife of Clifford Arthur Bell1917892006

23BellFrank H W Bellfirst name on this monument1923711994id: 10729
Nellie Bellwife of Frank H W Bell1926822008

24BellGeorge Bellfirst name on this monument1807641871id: 714014
Maria Bellwife of George Bell1815511866

25BellRobert Bellfirst name on this monument1877531930id: 994181
Honoria Jane Bellwife of Robert Bell18821001982 In her 100th year

26BellSarah Elizabeth Bellfirst name on this monument1866471913id: 98872
George Bellhusband of Sarah Elizabeth Bell1862971959

27BelsonRachel Belsonfirst name on this monument1873281901id: 705214
Charles Richesfather of Rachel Belson
Zacharias Belsonhusband of Rachel Belson
Mary Richesmother of Rachel Belson

28BindleyAlan Douglas Bindleyfirst name on this monument1925631988id: 105719

29BlakeRobert Blakefirst name on this monument1775691844id: 7016131

30BloomChristmas Percy Bloomfirst name on this monument1909681977id: 103792
Jacob Bloomfather of Christmas Percy Bloom
May Bloommother of Christmas Percy Bloom
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31BloomMay Elizabeth Bloomfirst name on this monument1886781964id: 1018101
Jacob Bloomhusband of May Elizabeth Bloom

32BowmanAlice Florence Bowmanfirst name on this monument1974id: 70879
Robert Bowmanfather of Alice Florence Bowman
Mary Ann Jane Bowmanmother of Alice Florence Bowman

33BowmanJohn Robert Bowmanfirst name on this monument1896721968id: 9848

34BowmanRobert Bowmanfirst name on this monument1870811951id: 70868
Mary Ann Jane Bowmanwife of Robert Bowman1874911965

35BrambleSamuel Bramblefirst name on this monument1783841867id: 712372
Elizabeth Bramblewife of Samuel Bramble1785741859

36BristowJohn Bristowfirst name on this monument1802821884id: 712810

37BristowR Bristowfirst name on this monument1901181919id: 100916HMS Bacchante

38BristowReginald Bristowfirst name on this monumentid: 698819In memory of the men of East Ruston who gave their lives in the Great War

39BristowSusannah Bristowfirst name on this monument1809651874id: 71274
John Bristowhusband of Susannah Bristow

40BristowViolet Mildred Bristowfirst name on this monument1903761979id: 103925
Charles Bristowhusband of Violet Mildred Bristow1910781988

41BrooksSheila Violet Mary Brooksfirst name on this monument1941632004id: 108116

42BrownJack William Brownfirst name on this monument1910571967id: 102923
Minnie Emily Brownwife of Jack William Brown1911581969

43BrumbleyWalter Brumbleyfirst name on this monumentid: 698819In memory of the men of East Ruston who gave their lives in the Great War

44BuckLeslie Oscar Buckfirst name on this monument1918631981id: 104521

45BullimorePeter Bullimorefirst name on this monument1929691998id: 107514

46CanhamJohn Canhamfirst name on this monument1872id: 7030103

47CanhamMartha Canhamfirst name on this monument1837id: 7029103

48CannellAnthony Ernest Cannellfirst name on this monument1942612003id: 10778

49CarrJohn J Carrfirst name on this monument1907751982id: 104810
Janet Carrwife of John J Carr

50ChamberlinLaura Chamberlinfirst name on this monument1865771942id: 70568
Henry Chamberlinbrother of Laura Chamberlin1947

51ColeJohn Colefirst name on this monument1864id: 712410

52ColeJohn Colefirst name on this monument1762821844id: 703791
Margaret Colewife of John Cole1760821842

53ColmanMacdonald Victor Colmanfirst name on this monument1905741979id: 104233
Faith Margaret Colmanwife of Macdonald Victor Colman1912892001

54CookCedric William Cookfirst name on this monument1918932011id: 109161

55CottleJohn Cottlefirst name on this monument1935742009id: 108941

56CowburnIvy Hororia Cowburnfirst name on this monument1907761983id: 1050121

57CurtisWilliam Curtisfirst name on this monument1816641880id: 7138182
Ann Curtiswife of William Curtis1811791890

58CurtisWilliam Curtisfirst name on this monument1850861936id: 10115
Sarah Curtiswife of William Curtis1851721923

59CushionJohn Cushionfirst name on this monument1875801955id: 704318
Helen Mercy Cushionwife of John Cushion1886941980

60CushionWestmore Charles Cushionfirst name on this monument1883821965id: 10237
May Cushionwife of Westmore Charles Cushion1882921974

61CuttingWalter Cuttingfirst name on this monumentid: 69885In memory of the men of East Ruston who gave their lives in the Great War

62DewingJohn Dewingfirst name on this monument1860641924id: 991181
Elizabeth Dewingwife of John Dewing

63DigbyGeorge Digbyfirst name on this monument1886id: 70986
Sarah Digbywife of George Digby56
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64DixonAlice May Dixonfirst name on this monument1915902005id: 102213
Arthur George Dixon1921892010

65DixonEliza Dixonfirst name on this monument1850801930id: 704941
George Dixonhusband of Eliza Dixon1847841931

66DixonElizabeth Dixonfirst name on this monument1893701963id: 102130
William George Dixonhusband of Elizabeth Dixon1877881965

67DixonEmily Dixonfirst name on this monument1880631943id: 704461
George Arthur Dixonhusband of Emily Dixon1880781958

68DixonEmily Dixonfirst name on this monument1880631943id: 704511
George Arthur Dixonhusband of Emily Dixon1880781958

69DixonEmma Dixonfirst name on this monument1910761986id: 105320

70DixonFrederick George Dixonfirst name on this monument1911781989id: 1056121
Mabel Elizabeth Dixonwife of Frederick George Dixon1911801991

71DixonGladys Dixonfirst name on this monument1924842008id: 108715

72DixonHarriett Dixonfirst name on this monument1848571905id: 701417
John Dixonhusband of Harriett Dixon

73DixonJack Dixonfirst name on this monumentid: 699061939 - 1945

74DixonJane Dixonfirst name on this monument1879331912id: 7023251
William Gazefather of Jane Dixon
William Dixonhusband of Jane Dixon
Sarah E Gazemother of Jane Dixon

75DixonMaurice Dixonfirst name on this monument1909811990id: 1059102
Emma Dixonwife of Maurice Dixon

76DixonWilliam Dixonfirst name on this monumentid: 70956
Rebecca Dixonsister of William Dixon

77DuckerMary Duckerfirst name on this monumentid: 713461
James Duckerhusband of Mary Ducker

78Dunham-BirdAnna Dunham-Birdfirst name on this monument1653271680no image1081Only daughter and heir of William Gelsthorp. The date of 16/03/1680 is also mentioned. It may be the day she died or the death of someone else (a child? Annaeq3)
William Gelsthorpfather of Anna Dunham-Bird

79DurrantAlice Annie Durrantfirst name on this monument1890721962id: 102415

80DurrellAlice Charlotte Durrellfirst name on this monument1872561928id: 70926
Robert Durrellhusband of Alice Charlotte Durrell

81DurrellCharles Durrellfirst name on this monument1780771857id: 1100102
George Durrellgrand son of Charles Durrell1860
Elizabeth Durrell

82DurrellHarriett Durrellfirst name on this monument1846141860id: 71064
Elijah Durrellbrother of Harriett Durrell185381861
Samuel Durrellfather of Harriett Durrell
Mary Ann Durrellmother of Harriett Durrell
Martha Durrell185931862
Sarah Durrell mother of Martha

83DurrellJohn Durrellfirst name on this monument1876921968id: 7070191
Florence Ida Durrellwife of John Durrell1896781974

84DurrellMary Ann Durrellfirst name on this monument1816711887id: 71027
Samuel Durrellhusband of Mary Ann Durrell

85DurrellSamuel Durrellfirst name on this monument78id: 71039
Mary Ann Durrellwife of Samuel Durrell

86Durrell-WalshJames William Durrell-Walshfirst name on this monument1980id: 1040221
Gladys Mary Durrell-Walshwife of James William Durrell-Walsh2008

87EarleMary Earlefirst name on this monument1786801866id: 705560Died at Happisburgh
Hannah Earledaughter of Mary Earle1805281833
Margaret Earledaughter of Mary Earle1823701893 died at North Walsham
Mary Earledaughter of Mary Earle1814231837
Sarah Ann Earledaughter of Mary Earle182761833
Annie Earledaughter-in-law of Mary Earle1810891899
Richard Earlehusband of Mary Earle1784611845 born at Suffield died at Saxlingham Nethergate - for 30 years a resident of this parish
Richard Earleson of Mary Earle1824731897 Second son
Samuel Earleson of Mary Earle1810261836 The eldest son - Fell from a scaffold in Bond Street London
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88EatonEdward Eatonfirst name on this monumentid: 698819In memory of the men of East Ruston who gave their lives in the Great War

89FairmanSarah Fairmanfirst name on this monument1808311839id: 7003141

90FlaxmanSamuel Flaxmanfirst name on this monument1846id: 7153191
Elizabeth Flaxman1854

91FlaxmanSamuel Flaxmanfirst name on this monument1770761846id: 6985313
Elizabeth Flaxmanwife of Samuel Flaxman1854

92FrosdickAnnie Elizabeth Frosdickfirst name on this monument1868151883id: 7113121
William Frosdickfather of Annie Elizabeth Frosdick
Mary Frosdickmother of Annie Elizabeth Frosdick

93FrosdickMary Frosdickfirst name on this monument1835751910id: 71114
William Frosdickhusband of Mary Frosdick

94FrosdickMary Frosdickfirst name on this monument1865241889id: 71126
William Frosdickfather of Mary Frosdick
Mary Frosdickmother of Mary Frosdick

95FrosdickWilliam Frosdickfirst name on this monument1830641894id: 71102
Mary Frosdickwife of William Frosdick

96GazeEdward Gazefirst name on this monument1836861922id: 10101452 Years clerk of East Ruston Church

97GazeJane Gazefirst name on this monument1822751897id: 7097312
Robert Archer Gazehusband of Jane Gaze Robert Archer Gaze was a son of Robert Gaze b1757 East Ruston and his wife Mary Ann Archer whose 1824 headstone is also in this cemetery on RHS of path from entrance gate

98GazeRobert Boardman Gazefirst name on this monument1877671944id: 706522
Blanche Emma Gazewife of Robert Boardman Gaze1982

99GazeSarah Gazefirst name on this monument1850801930id: 9957
William Gazehusband of Sarah Gaze

100GibsonEmily Jane Gibsonfirst name on this monument1869561925id: 7091152
Thomas Gibsonhusband of Emily Jane Gibson

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