St George Colegate's Church burial ground, Norwich, Norfolk, England

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1AngeliJoseph Angelifirst name on this monument1752741826id: SGC941097

2BalderstonSarah Balderstonfirst name on this monument1710451755id: SGC381107Wife of John Balderston.

3BalderstonTimothy Balderstonfirst name on this monument1682821764id: SGC271100

4BaldyAnn Baldyfirst name on this monument1701411742id: SGC31099Wife of John Baldy.

5BlancherAnne Blancherfirst name on this monument1664561720id: SGC331085Wife of George Blancher.
George Blancherhusband of Anne Blancher1673551728

6BlancherRuth Blancherfirst name on this monument1690341724id: SGC3410852nd wife of George Blancher.

7BlondelJohn Blondelfirst name on this monument1642711713id: 411
Hester Blondelwife of John Blondel1644781722

8BlondelThomas Blondelfirst name on this monument1684461730id: SGC71080His gravestone is also in this churchyard.

9BlondelThomas Blondelfirst name on this monument1684461730id: SGC951079He is also commemorated on a plaque within the church.

10BradfieldWilliam Bradfieldfirst name on this monument1717691786id: SGC761085
Rebecca Bradfieldsister of William Bradfield1720661786

11BridgesRichard Bridgesfirst name on this monument1647611708id: SGC351095

12BurchamJohn Burchamfirst name on this monument1682541736id: SGC821078His wife is also buried here but the stone is too worn to decipher.
Lydia Burchamdaughter of John Burcham1712211733

13CalvertJohn Calvertfirst name on this monument1673711744id: SGC421079

14CalvertJohn Calvertfirst name on this monument1673711744id: SGC241072

15ClarkeJohn Clarkefirst name on this monument1662731735id: SGC871072
Anne Clarkewife of John Clarke1658741732

16CockGeorge Cockfirst name on this monument1602711673id: SGC921082

17CooperRobert Cooperfirst name on this monument1730421772id: SGC861096Surgeon.
Deborah Cooperdaughter of Robert Cooper1758 Died in infancy.
Thomas Alexander Cooperson of Robert Cooper176291771
William Cooperson of Robert Cooper1761131774

18CoppingJohn Coppingfirst name on this monument1630691699id: SGC651086
Mary Coppingwife of John Copping1631691700

19CromeJohn Cromefirst name on this monument1768531821id: SGC221072Famed landscape painter. Also named on a floor gravestone within the church.

20DaniellLucy Daniellfirst name on this monument1777431820id: SGC441072Wife of Edward Daniell. Daughter of John and Rachael Tuthill.

21DashwoodMary Ann Dashwoodfirst name on this monument1784621846id: SGC281102Daughter of Jarrett and Mary Dashwood (who was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Hammont).

22DavyEsther Davyfirst name on this monument1789461835id: SGC691070Daughter of William and Ann Devereux.
John Davyhusband of Esther Davy1786581844

23DawneyEdward Dawneyfirst name on this monument1654361690id: SGC4311072nd son of the late Edward Dawney Rector of Salthouse.

24DawsonAbigail Dawsonfirst name on this monument170951714id: SGC731098Daughter of John and Abigail Dawson.
John Dawsonbrother of Abigail Dawson1715 Aged 7 months.

25DawsonJohn Dawsonfirst name on this monument171761723id: SGC741081
Abigail Dawsonmother of John Dawson1674801754

26DevereuxAnn Devereuxfirst name on this monument1760701830id: SGC681090
William John Devereuxgrand son of Ann Devereux1821121833
Robert Pricegrand son of Ann Devereux183141835 And 6 months.
William Devereux1757761833 (assumed) husband of Ann Devereux.
Edmund Devereuxson of Ann Devereux1780641844
William Devereuxson of Ann Devereux1793541847

27DevereuxEdmund Devereuxfirst name on this monument1751631814id: SGC4711062
Catherine Blythniece of Edmund Devereux1812151827
Sarah Devereuxwife of Edmund Devereux1747801827

28DixonChristopher Dixonfirst name on this monument1692421734id: SGC711076

29DoeThomas Doefirst name on this monument1797101807id: SGC721074Son of Thomas Doe.

30DyballBenjamin Dyballfirst name on this monument1702771779id: SGC2510741
Sarah Dennyniece of Benjamin Dyball1719721791 Daughter of Samuel Dyball of Marsham.
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31DyballJohn Dyballfirst name on this monument1698691767id: SGC261078
Martha Dyball1707581765

32DyballMartha Dyballfirst name on this monument1707581765id: SGC391077
John Dyballhusband of Martha Dyball1698691767

33EllisAnne Ellisfirst name on this monument1606661672id: 1048
Joseph Ellishusband of Anne Ellis

34EnglishJohn Englishfirst name on this monument1684id: SGC841080Age is unclear but I think it is a curved number followed by zero. My guess is 30 or 50.

35FirthWilliam Firthfirst name on this monument1768701838id: SGC101080Son of William and Elizabeth Firth. Husband of Anne (youngest daughter of Robert Watts).

36FordFrancis Fordfirst name on this monument1703471750id: SGC461075

37FrostAnna Maria Frostfirst name on this monument1751871838id: 8204
Samuel Laccoheebrother of Anna Maria Frost1771781849

38FrostElizabeth Frostfirst name on this monument1773691842id: SGC1001071
Susan Frost1802391841

39FrostElizabeth Frostfirst name on this monument1773691842id: 78
Susan Frost1841

40FullerJohn Fullerfirst name on this monument1655811736id: 513

41FullerJohn Fullerfirst name on this monument1655811736id: SGC981072

42GreeneWilliam Greenefirst name on this monument1596731669id: SGC191185Erected by John and William their sons.

43GregoryAnne Gregoryfirst name on this monument1802391841id: 216
Thomas Gregoryhusband of Anne Gregory
Anne Ellismother of Anne Gregory

44GregoryAnne Gregoryfirst name on this monument1641381679id: SGC1041081Daughter of Anne Ellis. Wife of Thomas Gregory.

45HallThomas Hallfirst name on this monument1681341715id: SGC91079In a lower section of this plaque are also commemorated Richard and Margaret Taylor.
Jeremiah Hallbrother of Thomas Hall1694441738
William Hallbrother of Thomas Hall1686351721
John Hallfather of Thomas Hall1653761729 Mayor of Norwich in 1701 and 1719.
Margaret Hallmother of Thomas Hall1652701722

46HammontJoseph Hammontfirst name on this monument1746631809id: SGC361085
Henry Hammont1752661818

47HammontJoseph Hammontfirst name on this monument1746631809id: SGC291076
Henry Hammont1752661818

48HammontMary Hammontfirst name on this monument1713271740id: SGC3711001Wife of Joseph Hammont.
Mary Dashwood1756321788 Wife of Jarrett Dashwood. Daughter of Joseph and Mary Hammont.
Joseph Hammont1711491760
Maria Wrench Hammont1774291803 Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Hammont.
Mary Hammont1717771794 2nd wife of Joseph Hammont.

49HarmerFlorence Harmerfirst name on this monument1680391719id: SGC701081
Thomas Harmerhusband of Florence Harmer1671711742

50HarmerThomas Harmerfirst name on this monument1720id: SGC41081Child of Robert and Mary Harmer. It is unclear whether all 4 children died on the same day.
Robert Harmerfather of Thomas Harmer1679641743
Abigail Harmersister of Thomas Harmer1720 Child of Robert and Mary Harmer.
Mary Harmersister of Thomas Harmer1706141720 Child of Robert and Mary Harmer.
Sarah Harmersister of Thomas Harmer1720 Child of Robert and Mary Harmer.

51HarveyL K Harveyfirst name on this monument1784511835id: SGC51084Year of death and age may be wrong.

52HawkesJohn Hawkesfirst name on this monument1761821843id: SGC811080

53HerringCatherine Herringfirst name on this monument180511806id: SGC5711221And 4 months.
George Barnwell Herringbrother of Catherine Herring1814191833
John Herringfather of Catherine Herring1774681842
Catherine Herringmother of Catherine Herring1774661840

54HerringJames Herringfirst name on this monument1758451803id: SGC581089
Elizabeth Ann Herringwife of James Herring1765481813
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55HerringJas (james) Buckle Herringfirst name on this monument177641780id: SGC611075Son of John and Rebecca Herring.
Hannah Herringsister of Jas (james) Buckle Herring177571782

56HerringJohn Herringfirst name on this monument1719671786id: SGC591067
Ann Herringwife of John Herring1726771803

57HerringJohn Herringfirst name on this monument1749611810id: SGC131071Their gravestone is also within the church.
Rebecca Herringwife of John Herring1746811827

58HerringJohn Herringfirst name on this monument1749611810id: SGC5610911They are also commemorated on a plaque within the church.
Rebecca Herringwife of John Herring1746811827

59HerringSarah Herringfirst name on this monument1786421828id: SGC141075Wife of William Herring. Daughter of Charles Harvey.

60HowardJoan Howardfirst name on this monument1702701772id: SGC311073

61JephsIsabella Jephsfirst name on this monument1728371765id: SGC601072Stone partly obscured. Details checked via online sources.

62KnightsTimothy Knightsfirst name on this monument1651841735id: SGC411073Surname is shown with and without an 'S''.
Rebecca Knightwife of Timothy Knights1663991762

63LaccoheeJohn Laccoheefirst name on this monument1729761805id: 991
Elizabeth Laccoheewife of John Laccohee1729791808

64LaccoheeJohn Laccoheefirst name on this monument1761761837id: SGC10210772
Elizabeth Laccoheewife of John Laccohee1760781838

65LancksterJohn Lancksterfirst name on this monument1646641710id: SGC931076
Damaris Lancksterwife of John Lanckster1655621717 Year of death may have been 1718.

66LangleyElizabeth Langleyfirst name on this monument1680541734id: SGC481083
John Langleyhusband of Elizabeth Langley1680751755
Elizabeth Watts1774711845

67LarwoodAbraham Larwoodfirst name on this monument1692581750id: SGC6711003
Ann Larwoodwife of Abraham Larwood1690861776

68LewisBryant Lewisfirst name on this monument1698id: SGC881085Murdered on Thetford heath.
Jonathan Lewisson of Bryant Lewis1672321704 Fell from his horse and died.

69LougherJohn Lougherfirst name on this monument1664681732id: SGC61076
Mary Lougherwife of John Lougher1661871748

70LougherSusanna Lougherfirst name on this monument1693171710id: SGC801078Daughter of John and Mary Lougher.
Mary Cromesister of Susanna Lougher1691451736 Relict of John Crome.

71LubbockMary Lubbockfirst name on this monument1706231729id: SGC231077Wife of Thomas Lubbock. Daughter of John and Mary Low of Great Yarmouth.

72LubbockRichard Lubbockfirst name on this monument1676411717id: SGC781210
John Crome1768531821 Famous landscape painter. Also commemorated on a wall plaque within the church.

73ManningEdmund Manningfirst name on this monument1755831838id: SGC111074

74MeadowsPhilip Meadowsfirst name on this monument1680721752id: SGC81087Mayor of Norwich in 1734
Margaret Meadowswife of Philip Meadows1692731765 Daughter of John Hall.

75MiddletonAlice Middletonfirst name on this monument1787491836id: 1132
Charles Middletonhusband of Alice Middleton

76MiddletonAlice Middletonfirst name on this monument1788481836id: SGC1011082Wife of Charles Middleton.

77MoneyJohn Moneyfirst name on this monument1686371723id: SGC771073Son of John and Rebekah Money.

78MoneyJohn Moneyfirst name on this monument1654651719id: SGC751073
Rebecca Moneywife of John Money1664661730

79NorwycheWilliam Norwychefirst name on this monument1406641470id: 3191

80NorwycheWilliam Norwychefirst name on this monument1406641470id: SGC1031076Commemorative plaque outside church.
Alice Norwychewife of William Norwyche

81PenningBenjamin Penningfirst name on this monument1645511696id: SGC791089

82PindarThomas Pindarfirst name on this monument1676381714id: SGC661087Son of Thomas and Mary Pindar (nee Buttolph).
Mary Pindardaughter of Thomas Pindar1709161725
Mary Pindarmother of Thomas Pindar1681541735 (assumed) later Ekins.
Samuel Ekins1680511731 (assumed) 2nd husband of Mary Pindar.

83PindarThomas Pindarfirst name on this monument1650721722id: SGC121074Senior
Mary Pindarwife of Thomas Pindar1652721724
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84PorterMary Porterfirst name on this monument169571702id: SGC641072And 6 months. Daughter of Joshua and Dorothy Porter.

85PostleSarah Postlefirst name on this monument1681361717id: SGC6310701Wife of Thomas Postle.
Abigail Postledaughter of Sarah Postle

86RatnerHarriot Ratnerfirst name on this monument179051795id: SGC961080The surname is unclear and may be other than Ratner.

87RedwinPeter Redwinfirst name on this monument1655671722id: SGC1710691

88RogersGeorge Rogersfirst name on this monument175111752id: SGC521078And 9 months. Son of Robert and Anna Rogers.

89RushbrookMargaret Rushbrookfirst name on this monument1719501769id: SGC551084
Andrew Rushbrookhusband of Margaret Rushbrook1714631777

90StannardJoseph Stannardfirst name on this monument1771841855id: SGC211012
Mary Stannardwife of Joseph Stannard1771831854

91StannardJoseph Stannardfirst name on this monument1795551850id: SGC110721Eldest son of Joseph and Mary Stannard.
Hannah Stannardwife of Joseph Stannard1796251821

92TilyardTabitha Tilyardfirst name on this monument1688281716id: SGC851074Wife of Henry Tilyard.

93TopcliffeMaria Topcliffefirst name on this monument1675id: SGC911069Wife of Edmund Topcliffe. S G T 1767 is written across the top of the stone. I would guess that the T is for Topcliffe but I have no idea how the rest of it ties in.

94TuthillJohn Tuthillfirst name on this monument1737641801id: SGC181083
Lucy Danielldaughter of John Tuthill1777431820 Wife of Edward Daniell.
Edward Daniellgrand son of John Tuthill1810861896 Son of Edward and Lucy Daniell.
Rachael Tuthillwife of John Tuthill1744741818

95TuthillJohn Scarlin Tuthillfirst name on this monument1769721841id: SGC2010761

96TuthillSarah Tuthillfirst name on this monument1768661834id: SGC151073Wife of John Scarlin Tuthill.

97TuthillSarah Elizabeth Tuthillfirst name on this monument1800161816id: SGC161070Daughter of John and Sarah Tuthill.

98TuthillSusanna Golding Tuthillfirst name on this monument176521767id: SGC451075
John Tuthillfather of Susanna Golding Tuthill1736651801
Rachael Tuthillmother of Susanna Golding Tuthill1744741818
Sarah Elizabeth Tuthill1800161816
Margaret Tuthillsister of Susanna Golding Tuthill176731770
Rachael Maria Tuthillsister of Susanna Golding Tuthill176461770

99WattsElizabeth Langley Wattsfirst name on this monument1775701845id: SGC211069Died at Brighton. Only child of John Langley Watts.

100WillsonElizabeth Willsonfirst name on this monument1678611739id: SGC5010931
George Willson1684651749
Elizabeth Woodrow1713551768 Wife of John Woodrow.
John Woodrow1714621776

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