St John the Baptist's Church burial ground, Danbury, Essex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
101JaggsMary Ann Jaggsfirst name on this monument1801187473531216523228
William Jaggshusband of Mary Ann Jaggs1800188585

102JohnsonBertha Johnsonfirst name on this monument18621929675520166981971
Frederick Francis Johnsonhusband of Bertha Johnson1852193179

103JonesSarah Jonesfirst name on this monument1825526716490215
John Joneshusband of Sarah Jones

104KateleyElizabeth Ann Kateleyfirst name on this monument541916602169

105KempCharles Kempfirst name on this monument1854193076549716676190

106KempEdward Kempfirst name on this monument18531922695429166111641
Ernest Henry Kemp1891198190
Eva Ellen Kemp1901198584

107KempElizabeth Kempfirst name on this monument1856192872543016612152

108KerwinClifford Morrison Kerwinfirst name on this monument1879192243542816610208

109KerwinEdward Henry Kerwinfirst name on this monument19295512166912161

110KingWalter Henry Kingfirst name on this monument1863193370548916668156
Laura Louisa Kingwife of Walter Henry King1874195581

111LandouistJustus Ferdinand Landouistfirst name on this monument1849192475550416683103

112LaytonReuben Harry Laytonfirst name on this monument1861191857543216614152
Emily Eliza Laytonwife of Reuben Harry Layton1859191859

113LiddonFlorence Grace Liddonfirst name on this monument1880192848545916641232
Swladis R. Purnell-Edwards1888193547

114LuardFlora Ann Phoebe Luardfirst name on this monument1875196186527316495347
Mary Clarissa Gayerdaughter of Flora Ann Phoebe Luard1908200395

115MacDougallEdward Thomas Norman MacDougallfirst name on this monument1924550916688229

116MascallJames Mascallfirst name on this monument1872528316504177

117MasonJermiah Masonfirst name on this monument1848529516510168
Elizabeth Masonwife of Jermiah Mason1852

118MasonJermiah Masonfirst name on this monument82529416509208
Charlotte Masonwife of Jermiah Mason1779183253
Susan Masonwife of Jermiah Mason1888

119MasonJoseph Masonfirst name on this monument1737177437536316564263
Ida Cooper
Thomas Mason

120MasonSarah Masonfirst name on this monument29537016567138

121MasterJoyce Masterfirst name on this monument164617197355441672110971
Joyce Amersdaughter of Joyce Master
Isabella Bramstonedaughter of Joyce Master
Margaret Torringtondaughter of Joyce Master
Elizabeth Oxendon Masterdaughter-in-law of Joyce Master1682172442
Christopher Turnorfather of Joyce Master
James Masterhusband of Joyce Master
Charles II
James I
Richard Oxendon
Hugh Sommervill
Elizabeth Sommervill Warwick
Thomas Warwick
Streynsham Masterson of Joyce Master
Thomas Pocock Amersson-in-law of Joyce Master
John Bramstoneson-in-law of Joyce Master
George Byng Torringtonson-in-law of Joyce Master

122McFarlaneElizabeth McFarlanefirst name on this monument18551932775490166693071
James Bruce McFarlanehusband of Elizabeth McFarlane1852193381
James Christian Pharlan McFarlaneson of Elizabeth McFarlane1887191427

123McMullenCharles Edwin McMullenfirst name on this monument18911934435473166542312
Elsie May McMullenwife of Charles Edwin McMullen1889198596

124MecklenburgMary Mecklenburgfirst name on this monument17841858745271164942804
Nathaniel Mecklenburghusband of Mary Mecklenburg
Alfred Mecklenburgson of Mary Mecklenburg

125MedleyWilliam Medleyfirst name on this monument548816667157

126MicksLilian Martha Micksfirst name on this monument1853192471550516684121

127MildmayEdouardus Mildmayfirst name on this monument1635554616723349
Avrati Croftes
Johanna Croftes
Johannis Croftes De Saxham
Humfredi Mildmay

128MildmayHumfredus Mildmayfirst name on this monument1613554816725324
Waltero Mildmay
Francisci Walsingham
Maria Walsingham

129MildmayJoannes Mildmayfirst name on this monument554716724180
Humfredi Mildmayfather of Joannes Mildmay

130MildmayWilliam Mildmayfirst name on this monument16221682605551167263701
Henry Mildmayfather of William Mildmay
John Brewsterfather-in-law of William Mildmay
William Hollidaygrand father of William Mildmay
Anne Mildmaymother of William Mildmay
Mary Mildmaywife of William Mildmay

131MillarMary Millarfirst name on this monument1906541316596181

132MillerCedric Millerfirst name on this monument1891192736551816696139

133MillerClare Millerfirst name on this monument18861931455521166991901
Alice Helen Cillardmother of Clare Miller1850193484

134MotherseleGeorge Motherselefirst name on this monument18401913735420166032641
Deborah Bowles Motherselewife of George Mothersele1841192483

135NaylorElias Francis Naylorfirst name on this monument1931552216700417

136NelmesHarriett Eliza Nelmesfirst name on this monument18551923685506166851921
John A. Nelmeshusband of Harriett Eliza Nelmes

137NewellJames Newellfirst name on this monument1815188974531516525322
Hannie Newelldaughter of James Newell1922

138NichollsWalter Henry Nichollsfirst name on this monument18551921665439166211341
Sarah Ann Nichollswife of Walter Henry Nicholls1862195189

139NicollJohn Nicollfirst name on this monument1632169058554016717254

140OakleyJames Oakleyfirst name on this monument1883193148549316672174

141OsborneDavid Osbornefirst name on this monument18471932855523167011724
Charlotte Osbornewife of David Osborne1847194093

142OwenPryce Owenfirst name on this monument1835191075544216624152
Mary Ann Owenwife of Pryce Owen1842193189

143PadfieldGeorge Padfieldfirst name on this monument1855193782547916658126

144PageWilliam Pagefirst name on this monument1767183063536016562128

145ParmerAnnie Parmerfirst name on this monument1865196297527516497129

146PatrickWilliam James Patrickfirst name on this monument1866193367547016651215
Harriet Jane Patrick1868193971

147PlumptreJohn Bridges Plumptrefirst name on this monument1862193674548316662208
John Plumptrefather of John Bridges Plumptre
Elizabeth Plumptremother of John Bridges Plumptre

148PlumptreJohn Bridges Plumptrefirst name on this monument554116718142

149PrattThomas Prattfirst name on this monument1823189774534616553377
Amelia Prattwife of Thomas Pratt1830190777

150PriceValentine Maxwell Pricefirst name on this monument18901919295433166151551

151RalphPhilip Theophilus Ralphfirst name on this monument1857191457541716600254
Ann Elizabeth Ralphwife of Philip Theophilus Ralph1860194080

152RaschCarne Raschfirst name on this monument1881196382553616713399
Guy Raschbrother of Carne Rasch1885195570
Frederic Carne Raschfather of Carne Rasch
Katherine Raschmother of Carne Rasch

153RaschFrederick Carne Raschfirst name on this monument1845191469553516712347
Katherine Anne Raschwife of Frederick Carne Rasch1857194487

154RaschFrederick Carne Raschfirst name on this monument1856194488546216644161

155RaschFrederick Carne Raschfirst name on this monument18451914695461166432321
Frederick Carne Raschfather of Frederick Carne Rasch

156RaschFrederick Carne Raschfirst name on this monument18801962825460166421741

157RatcliffMartha Ratclifffirst name on this monument1880535816560251
Samuel Ratclifffather of Martha Ratcliff
Martha Ratcliffmother of Martha Ratcliff

158RatcliffMartha Ratclifffirst name on this monument18011872715320165291971
Samuel Ratcliffhusband of Martha Ratcliff1805188378

159RatcliffThomas Smith Ratclifffirst name on this monument535916561121

160RawlingsMary Rawlingsfirst name on this monument1821189372534916556272

161RaynorCharles Leonard Raynorfirst name on this monument534116549168
Margaret Raynorwife of Charles Leonard Raynor1874

162RaynorHarriette Francis Raynorfirst name on this monument1931534016548189

163RaynorMargaret Raynorfirst name on this monument1891534216550210
George Raynorhusband of Margaret Raynor

164RaynorSelwyn Raynorfirst name on this monument1850190252533916547253
Sydney Raynorfather of Selwyn Raynor
Harriette Francis Raynormother of Selwyn Raynor

165RaynorSydney Raynorfirst name on this monument1803188784533816546119

166ReeveJane Reevefirst name on this monument1820189373535216558332
George Reevehusband of Jane Reeve1825189671

167RidgwellWilliam Ridgwellfirst name on this monument18651914495424166071962

168RiversJohn Daniel Riversfirst name on this monument1828191385542216605304
Emma Riverswife of John Daniel Rivers1840192585

169RiversJohn Daniel Riversfirst name on this monument18591894355401165873801
J. D. Riversfather of John Daniel Rivers
E. Riversmother of John Daniel Rivers
Emma Charlotte Riverssister of John Daniel Rivers1861193675

170RoastEdward Roastfirst name on this monument1876194670548116660170
Frances Emily Roastwife of Edward Roast1952

171RoastMary Lansbury Roastfirst name on this monument1849193586547816657158

172RobertsCharles Samuel Robertsfirst name on this monument1892532216531118

173RobertsMaria Robertsfirst name on this monument18611931705494166731121

174RobertsMary Wolton Robertsfirst name on this monument1899532116530131

175RobinsonAlice Mary Robinsonfirst name on this monument1829190172527416496228
Albert Edward Robinsonhusband of Alice Mary Robinson

176RogersSarah Ellen Rogersfirst name on this monument1904539416580155

177RoyceViolet May Roycefirst name on this monument19151930155498166771781
Rufus R. Roycefather of Violet May Royce1884195975

178RushbrookAdelaide Ruse Rushbrookfirst name on this monument18671934675474166552271
James Rushbrookhusband of Adelaide Ruse Rushbrook1867194982

179RutherfordElizabeth Rutherfordfirst name on this monument1843186320535416559339
George Rutherford1840186727

180SaundersGeorge Saundersfirst name on this monument1876192852550316682101

181SharpH. Marjorie Sharpfirst name on this monument1888196476527716498206
Colin H. C. Sharp1885196681

182ShuttlewoodHenry Shuttlewoodfirst name on this monument18481913655416165991451
Esther Eliza Shuttlewoodwife of Henry Shuttlewood1832192997

183SimmondsElizabeth Edith Simmondsfirst name on this monument1932546616647203

184SimmonsEdward Simmonsfirst name on this monument18001891915347165543171
Jane Simmonsdaughter of Edward Simmons1827190780

185SimpsonJohn Simpsonfirst name on this monument53841657489

186SimpsonJohn Simpsonfirst name on this monument180318878452681649192

187SimpsonJoseph Simpsonfirst name on this monument538616575139
Sarah Simpson

188SimpsonSarah Simpsonfirst name on this monument1781184867526916492106

189SmithCharles Henry Smithfirst name on this monument1890195969545716639157
Marjorie D?Arcy McKettrick Smithwife of Charles Henry Smith1894197379

190SmithFrederick Thomas Smithfirst name on this monument1856193175549116670175
Annie Smithwife of Frederick Thomas Smith18571957100

191SmithMary Smithfirst name on this monument1862192866543416616143
George Smithhusband of Mary Smith

192SmoothyEllen Smoothyfirst name on this monument18661933675471166521642
Richard Robin Smoothyhusband of Ellen Smoothy1871194978

193SmoothyH. T. Smoothyfirst name on this monument1900191919543116613166

194SorrellAgnes Sorrellfirst name on this monument1842193896552616704176
Agnes Sorrelldaughter of Agnes Sorrell1878195981

195SpaldingFrances Albert Spaldingfirst name on this monument1859188425540216588184

196SpaldingJane Spaldingfirst name on this monument18081827195366165669701
Catherine Chandlercousin of Jane Spalding1877
William Spaldingfather of Jane Spalding
Catherine Spaldingmother of Jane Spalding
Jacob Thomas Chandler

197SpeakmanFlorence Q. Speakmanfirst name on this monument19001991915409165941801

198SpeakmanKate Speakmanfirst name on this monument18601905455390165762672
Henry Holmsted Speakmanhusband of Kate Speakman1857192972
Edward Guy Speakmanson of Kate Speakman1895197681

199SpeakmanSamuel Speakmanfirst name on this monument1864192157541016595157

200SpeakmanSamuel Speakmanfirst name on this monument18641921575392165781221

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