St Edmund's Church burial ground, Castleton, Derbyshire, England

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201MarrisonBarbara Marrisonfirst name on this monumentid: 68331616123
Mary Marrisonwife of Barbara Marrison1797741871

202MarrisonClara Marrisonfirst name on this monument1863811944id: 691316231571
Wilson George Marrisonhusband of Clara Marrison1868861954

203MarrisonEdward Marrisonfirst name on this monument1816631879id: 67901612331
Eliza Marrisondaughter of Edward Marrison185421856
Elizabeth Marrisondaughter of Edward Marrison5
Emma Marrisonwife of Edward Marrison1883

204MarrisonElizabeth Marrisonfirst name on this monument1780521832id: 67891612230
Joseph Marrisonhusband of Elizabeth Marrison

205MarrisonHerbert Lionel Marrisonfirst name on this monument189241896id: 664816004532
John Marrisonfather of Herbert Lionel Marrison1861761937
Annie Marrisonmother of Herbert Lionel Marrison

206MarrisonIsaac Marrisonfirst name on this monument1721811802id: 683216159301
Mary Marrisondaughter of Isaac Marrison1773171790
John Marrisonson of Isaac Marrison1778211799
Joseph Marrisonson of Isaac Marrison1780411821
William Marrisonson of Isaac Marrison177031773
Henney Marrisonwife of Isaac Marrison1747671814

207MarrisonIsaac Marrisonfirst name on this monument1805841889id: 66871602223
Barbrey Marrisondaughter of Isaac Marrison1843101853
Ruth Marrisondaughter of Isaac Marrison1842491891
Hannah Marrisonwife of Isaac Marrison1809901899

208MarrisonIsaac Marrisonfirst name on this monument1745571802id: 683416162261
Joseph Marrisonson of Isaac Marrison1777151792
Sarah Marrisonwife of Isaac Marrison1757371794

209MarrisonJames Marrisonfirst name on this monument1805691874id: 685416182402
James Marrisonson of James Marrison
Mary Marrisonwife of James Marrison1816541870

210MarrisonJohn Marrisonfirst name on this monument1801741875id: 683316160302
Margaret Marrisonwife of John Marrison1807281835

211MarrisonJoseph Marrisonfirst name on this monument1782801862id: 677216105383
Elizabeth Marrison1823711894
Mary Marrison1860431903
Samuel Marrison1817861903
William Marrisonson of Joseph Marrison1810511861
Betty Marrisonwife of Joseph Marrison1783731856

212MarrisonWilliam Marrisonfirst name on this monument1829591888id: 683116158282
Frances Marrisondaughter-in-law of William Marrison1866661932
William Marrisongrand son of William Marrison1894221916
William Marrisonson of William Marrison1867391906
Mary Marrisonwife of William Marrison1839661905

213MaweJohn Mawefirst name on this monument1764651829id: 660315966202

214MortonWilliam Mortonfirst name on this monument1742741816id: 67621609522
Mary Mortondaughter of William Morton1798
Hannah Hall182381831
Hannah Hall
James Morton1820
William Mortonson of William Morton
Sarah Mortonwife of William Morton1748751823
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215MullinsAlice Mullinsfirst name on this monumentid: 6970162877
B. I. Mullinshusband of Alice Mullins

216MurdochWilliam Murdochfirst name on this monument1889561945id: 68961622124
Martha Murdoch1893811974

217NallHenry Nallfirst name on this monument53id: 698516301421
Edith Nalldaughter of Henry Nall
Harriet Nalldaughter of Henry Nall
Sarah Nalldaughter of Henry Nall
John Nallson of Henry Nall
Matthew Nallson of Henry Nall180851813
Robert Nallson of Henry Nall1823
Elizabeth Nallwife of Henry Nall77

218NallJames Nallfirst name on this monument1793731866id: 67951612734
James Nallson of James Nall1835301865
John Nallson of James Nall1829271856
Matthew Nallson of James Nall1813101823
Ann Nallwife of James Nall1794771871

219NallJohn Nallfirst name on this monument1765341799id: 67241605747
Martha Nallwife of John Nall1766251791

220NallJoseph Nallfirst name on this monument1751651816id: 671716050292
Thomasine Nalldaughter of Joseph Nall
John Nallson of Joseph Nall
Robert Nallson of Joseph Nall
Milicent Nallwife of Joseph Nall1764821846

221NallMathew Nallfirst name on this monument1799id: 661515974561
Edward Nallson of Mathew Nall1758
John Nallson of Mathew Nall1750261776
Samuel Nallson of Mathew Nall176151766
Judith Nallwife of Mathew Nall1731871818

222NallNathaniel Nallfirst name on this monument1821601881id: 69511626840
Hannah Nalldaughter of Nathaniel Nall1845
John Nallson of Nathaniel Nall184881856
Robert Nallson of Nathaniel Nall1871761947
Ann Nallwife of Nathaniel Nall1833721905
Mary Nallwife of Nathaniel Nall1826271853

223NallSarah Nallfirst name on this monument1823251848id: 69841630037
Henry Nallhusband of Sarah Nall

224NeedhamEllis Needhamfirst name on this monument1786671853id: 661015971643
Hannah Needhamdaughter of Ellis Needham181061816
James Needhamson of Ellis Needham1807121819
Ann Needhamwife of Ellis Needham1785671852

225NeedhamJames Needhamfirst name on this monument1857201877id: 671016043351
Samuel Needhamfather of James Needham1847601907
Ellen Needhammother of James Needham1851781929

226NeedhamJames Needhamfirst name on this monument1844811925id: 670916042191
Susan Needhamwife of James Needham1850841934

227NeedhamJohn William Needhamfirst name on this monument1887id: 6731
(2 images)
Samuel Wrightbrother-in-law of John William Needham1912
William Needhamfather of John William Needham1835621897
Ann Needhammother of John William Needham1822811903
Lucy Needham Wrightsister of John William Needham
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228NeedhamMartha Needhamfirst name on this monument1767461813id: 672916062401
Hannah Needhamdaughter of Martha Needham
William Needhamhusband of Martha Needham1768711839
William Needhamson of Martha Needham

229NeedhamMatthew Needhamfirst name on this monument1784451829id: 675816091221
Hannah Needhamdaughter of Matthew Needham1823211844
Samuel Needhamson of Matthew Needham1811371848
Septimius Needhamson of Matthew Needham1822231845
Sarah Needhamwife of Matthew Needham1784751859

230NeedhamRobert Needhamfirst name on this monument1780781858id: 672616059581
Ann Needhamdaughter of Robert Needham1811131824
Elias Needhamson of Robert Needham1820351855
Hannah Needhamwife of Robert Needham1784291813
Sarah Needhamwife of Robert Needham1792301822

231NeedhamSamuel Needhamfirst name on this monument1885751960id: 67021603581
Sarah Jane Needhamwife of Samuel Needham1889741963

232NeedhamSamuel Needhamfirst name on this monument1756461802id: 672716060561
James Needhamson of Samuel Needham
James Needhamson of Samuel Needham1799591858
John Needhamson of Samuel Needham1783191802
Ann Needhamwife of Samuel Needham1759861845

233NeedhamSamuel Needhamfirst name on this monument1802731875id: 673016063541
Jane Needhamdaughter of Samuel Needham1841171858
Ann Needhamwife of Samuel Needham1814591873

234NeedhamSarah Needhamfirst name on this monument1758771835id: 663615992542
Richard Walkerfather of Sarah Needham
James Needhamhusband of Sarah Needham
Margaret Walkermother of Sarah Needham
Isaac Holmes28

235NeedhamThomas Needhamfirst name on this monument1749531802id: 670816041531
Catherine Needhamdaughter of Thomas Needham
Mary Needhamdaughter of Thomas Needham
John Needhamson of Thomas Needham1783221805
John Needhamson of Thomas Needham
Robert Needhamson of Thomas Needham
Samuel Needhamson of Thomas Needham
Septimius Needhamson of Thomas Needham
Elizabeth Needhamwife of Thomas Needham1750881838

236NewtonHannah Newtonfirst name on this monument1895421937id: 6944162613

237NicholsonJane Nicholsonfirst name on this monument1854691923id: 6892162183
Richard Thomas Nicholsonhusband of Jane Nicholson1862661928

238OakleyIsaac Watson Oakleyfirst name on this monumentid: 697116288201
Obadiah Oakleyfather of Isaac Watson Oakley
Martha Oakleymother of Isaac Watson Oakley

239OldridgeGeorge Oldridgefirst name on this monument1896621958id: 69651628219
Edith Maud Oldridgewife of George Oldridge18971032000

240OllerenshawAnn Ollerenshawfirst name on this monument1855561911id: 683616164231
Arthur Ollerenshaw
Mabel Ollerenshaw1891781969

241OllerenshawArchelaus Ollerenshawfirst name on this monument1858561914id: 683516163673
Eva M. Ollerenshawdaughter-in-law of Archelaus Ollerenshaw Wife of Arthur Edward Ollerenshaw.Maiden name Jeffs.
Arthur Edward Ollerenshawgrand son of Archelaus Ollerenshaw1920501970 Son of Arthur Ollerenshaw.Born 1919. Died 3 February 1970.
Mabel Ollerenshaw Wife of Arthur Ollerenshaw. Maiden name Harrison. Born 1890. Died 1968
Arthur Ollerenshawson of Archelaus Ollerenshaw1888681956 Son of Archelaus OllerenshawBorn 1887. Died 22 March 1956.Lived at Fairholme, Buxton Road, Castleton.
Ann Ollerenshawwife of Archelaus Ollerenshaw
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242PashleyElizabeth Mary Pashleyfirst name on this monument1858811939id: 67631609617
George Edwin Pashleyhusband of Elizabeth Mary Pashley1862791941
Grace Elizabeth Pashley1890821972
William Edward Pashley

243PashleyGeorge Henry Pashleyfirst name on this monument1885481933id: 68451617316
Sarah Pashleywife of George Henry Pashley

244PaulEllen Paulfirst name on this monument1949id: 6918162368
James Paul1955
Maggie Paul1972

245PayneArthur Paynefirst name on this monument1947id: 69151623352
Mary Paynewife of Arthur Payne1872841956

246PayneArthur Arnold Paynefirst name on this monument1894241918id: 684616174171
Ernest Hall1893791972
Jennie Paynewife of Arthur Arnold Payne1890731963

247PhoenixJoseph Henry Phoenixfirst name on this monument1864541918id: 68851621171
Frederick Harold Phoenix1946
Martha Phoenix1880531933
Sarah Phoenix
Lucy Phoenixwife of Joseph Henry Phoenix

248PickfordGeorge Pickfordfirst name on this monument1864721936id: 696416281203
Frances Pickfordwife of George Pickford1882701952

249PlunkettMargaret Plunkettfirst name on this monument1860551915id: 687216199211
Jesse Plunketthusband of Margaret Plunkett1862781940

250PollsCharles Pollsfirst name on this monument1669561725id: 6596159638
Charlotta Pollsdaughter of Charles Polls
Elizabeth Pollsdaughter of Charles Polls
Francis Pollsson of Charles Polls
John Pollsson of Charles Polls
Peter Pollsson of Charles Polls

251PotterGeorge Potterfirst name on this monument1843831926id: 66171597641
Alice Potterdaughter of George Potter189631899
Alice Morgan1896
Alfred Potter1884671951
Ellen Potterwife of George Potter1857541911

252PotterGeorge William Potterfirst name on this monument1881541935id: 69871630370
Arthur Potter1915801995
Edith Potter1911791990
Emmye Pile Potter1912811993
John Frederick Potter1911701981
Henry Potterson of George William Potter1911311942
Annie Dawson Potterwife of George William Potter1881801961

253PrinceHenry Princefirst name on this monument1877631940id: 691716235171
Donald Henry Princeson of Henry Prince1911922003
Gertrude Princewife of Henry Prince1885731958

254PriorElizabeth Cicely Priorfirst name on this monument1855id: 66071596818

255RaywoodAlfred Raywoodfirst name on this monument1842281870id: 66471600339
John Raywoodfather of Alfred Raywood1808691877
John Armstronggrand father of Alfred Raywood
Mary Armstronggrand mother of Alfred Raywood
Hannah Raywoodmother of Alfred Raywood80

256RevilFrancis Revilfirst name on this monument1787471834id: 66281598591
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257RobinsonLouisa Robinsonfirst name on this monument1871541925id: 69291624611
Gwendoline May Robinsondaughter of Louisa Robinson
Herbert Robinsonhusband of Louisa Robinson1869701939
Harold Robinsonson of Louisa Robinson
Herbert Robinsonson of Louisa Robinson

258RoiseJohn Roisefirst name on this monument1699661765id: 678216115111
Joseph Roise
Martha Roise1787
Elizabeth Roisewife of John Roise1700631763

259RoseEllen Rosefirst name on this monument1689731762id: 678516118112
Jonathan Rosehusband of Ellen Rose1691861777
Jacob Rose1726651791
Mary Rose1723681791

260RoseHannah Rosefirst name on this monument1802281830id: 67881612128
Anna Ralphdaughter of Hannah Rose1828851913
Isaac Rosehusband of Hannah Rose1800581858
Jacob Roseson of Hannah Rose
Samuel Roseson of Hannah Rose

261RoseJoseph Rosefirst name on this monument1780561836id: 67921612518
Isaac Rosefather of Joseph Rose1748631811
Elizabeth Rosemother of Joseph Rose1754301784
Abraham Roseson of Joseph Rose1807161823
Mary Rosewife of Joseph Rose1782681850

262RoseMark Rosefirst name on this monument1746691815id: 6754160877
Hannah Rosedaughter-in-law of Mark Rose1780811861
Isaac Roseson of Mark Rose1778721850
Sarah Rosewife of Mark Rose1744511795

263RoseMartha Rosefirst name on this monument176141765id: 67551608825
John Rosefather of Martha Rose1720621782
Martha Rosemother of Martha Rose1720571777

264RoseWilliam Rosefirst name on this monument1769id: 67561608917

265RossDonald Rossfirst name on this monument1801851886id: 673616069661
Micah Barberfather-in-law of Donald Ross
Ann Barbermother-in-law of Donald Ross
Hannah Barber Rosswife of Donald Ross1815381853
Martha Rosswife of Donald Ross1822801902

266RoyseIsaac Roysefirst name on this monument1712731785id: 67831611693
Mary Roysedaughter-in-law of Isaac Royse1734691803
Mary Roysedaughter-in-law of Isaac Royse1776551831
Isaac Royseson of Isaac Royse
Jeremy Royseson of Isaac Royse1742871829
Sarah Roysewife of Isaac Royse1716841800

267RoyseIsaac Roysefirst name on this monument1786771863id: 69451626272
Martha Roysedaughter of Isaac Royse1828
Isaac Royseson of Isaac Royse1814341848
Jeremy Royseson of Isaac Royse1816461862
John Royseson of Isaac Royse1818381856
Martha Roysewife of Isaac Royse1790661856

268RoyseJeremy Roysefirst name on this monument1784731857id: 69221623952
John Royseson of Jeremy Royse1820431863
Ann Roysewife of Jeremy Royse1784491833
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269RoyseJoseph Roysefirst name on this monument1793701863id: 696616283303
Elizabeth Roysewife of Joseph Royse1790721862
Millicent Roysewife of Joseph Royse1792391831

270RoyseJoseph Roysefirst name on this monument1814571871id: 67221605513
Annie Jane Roysedaughter of Joseph Royse185541859
Henrietta Roysedaughter of Joseph Royse185821860
Alfred Royseson of Joseph Royse184621848
William Royseson of Joseph Royse1855
Ellen Roysewife of Joseph Royse1816711887

271RoyseSambel Roysefirst name on this monument1841471888id: 67681610119
William Alfred Royseson of Sambel Royse1866291895
Fanny Roysewife of Sambel Royse1841291870

272RoyseSamuel Roysefirst name on this monument1791801871id: 67141604731
Hannah Roysedaughter of Samuel Royse1823411864
Isaac Royseson of Samuel Royse1813
Mary Roysewife of Samuel Royse1792731865

273RoyseSamuel Roysefirst name on this monument1840631903id: 667616011121
John Robert Royseson of Samuel Royse187711878
Robert Royseson of Samuel Royse1875
William Hyde Royseson of Samuel Royse1871651936
Alice Hide Roysewife of Samuel Royse1839821921

274RoyseWalter Roysefirst name on this monument1852401892id: 672116054161
Alice Roysedaughter of Walter Royse1883
Annie Roysedaughter of Walter Royse1887
Alfred Royseson of Walter Royse187741881
Hannah Roysewife of Walter Royse1853721925

275RoyseWilliam Roysefirst name on this monument1818331851id: 6937162548
Alice Roysedaughter of William Royse1849111860
Hannah Slackdaughter of William Royse1874
Albert Royseson of William Royse1851221873
Isaac Royseson of William Royse1840221862
William Royseson of William Royse1842191861
Sarah Roysewife of William Royse1816811897

276SalmonThomas Salmonfirst name on this monument1858321890id: 66041596728
Ellen Orde1835591894
R. J. C. Orde

277SchofieldRobert Schofieldfirst name on this monument1708771785id: 68051613652
Mary Schofielddaughter of Robert Schofield1747211768
James Schofieldson of Robert Schofield174871755
John Schofieldson of Robert Schofield1753131766
William Schofieldson of Robert Schofield1738391777
Ann Schofieldwife of Robert Schofield1715721787

278ScottRuth Scottfirst name on this monument1814431857id: 66721600829
Ellen Scottdaughter of Ruth Scott184381851

279SheldonGeorge Sheldonfirst name on this monument1796511847id: 693216249331
Jane Sheldondaughter of George Sheldon183231835
Christian Sheldonwife of George Sheldon1797671864

280SidebothamElias Sidebothamfirst name on this monument1841371878id: 68611618818
Elizabeth Sidebothamdaughter of Elias Sidebotham187211873
Elizabeth Sidebothamwife of Elias Sidebotham1840531893

281SidebothamMary Alice Sidebothamfirst name on this monument1877id: 686016187311
Joseph Sidebothamfather of Mary Alice Sidebotham1843741917
Emily Sidebothammother of Mary Alice Sidebotham1840821922
Elizabeth Sidebothamsister of Mary Alice Sidebotham1935
Emily Sidebothamsister of Mary Alice Sidebotham1951
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282SidebothamSamuel Sidebothamfirst name on this monument1838751913id: 68691619629
Emily Sidebothamdaughter of Samuel Sidebotham1876731949
Mary Elizabeth Sidebothamdaughter of Samuel Sidebotham1875181893
Jame Sidebothamwife of Samuel Sidebotham1913

283SidebothamWilliam Sidebothamfirst name on this monument1869491918id: 68801620711
Ethel Sidebothamdaughter of William Sidebotham
Frank Sidebothamson of William Sidebotham
Florence Sidebothamwife of William Sidebotham1870671937

284SidebothamWilliam Sidebothamfirst name on this monument1856341890id: 68621618920
William Henry Sidebothamson of William Sidebotham186001860
Hannah Sidebothamwife of William Sidebotham1837561893

285SidebottomRobert Stanley Sidebottomfirst name on this monument1888801968id: 665016006121

286SlackBetty Slackfirst name on this monument1766331799id: 672816061342
William Needhamfather of Betty Slack
Joseph Slackhusband of Betty Slack
Ann Needhammother of Betty Slack1764681832

287SlackEllis Slackfirst name on this monument1806621868id: 696916286371
Ann Slackdaughter of Ellis Slack184371850
Isaac Slackson of Ellis Slack184451849
James Slackson of Ellis Slack1838291867
William Slackson of Ellis Slack1834211855
Ann Slackwife of Ellis Slack1806661872

288SlackGeorge Slackfirst name on this monument1772581830id: 680216134164
George Slackson of George Slack181431817
James Slackson of George Slack1802351837
William Slackson of George Slack1808221830
Hannah Slackwife of George Slack1777521829

289SlackJohn Slackfirst name on this monument1770601830id: 680716138282
Mary Slackdaughter of John Slack1830
Elizabeth Slackwife of John Slack1780481828
Mary Slackwife of John Slack

290SlackJoseph Slackfirst name on this monument1690431733id: 688316210411
Margaret Shackmichwife of Joseph Slack1729701799
Mary Shackmichwife of Joseph Slack1698771775

291SlackSamuel Slackfirst name on this monument1737721809id: 680616137114
James Slackson of Samuel Slack178981797
Betty Slackwife of Samuel Slack1742891831

292SlackSarah Slackfirst name on this monument1846661912id: 67991613112
Samuel Slackhusband of Sarah Slack1844791923
John Slack1877641941
James Slackson of Sarah Slack1885381923
Joseph Slackson of Sarah Slack1883531936

293SlackWilliam Slackfirst name on this monument1779801859id: 680316135222
Hannah Slackwife of William Slack1775801855

294SlaterMary Slaterfirst name on this monument1876751951id: 66321598819
Henry Slaterhusband of Mary Slater1875811956
Tom Slaterson of Mary Slater1970

295SmallFrances Smallfirst name on this monument1838401878id: 6942162598
Benjamin Watsonfather of Frances Small
Robert Smallhusband of Frances Small
Hannah Watsonmother of Frances Small
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296SmithLeonard Smithfirst name on this monument1893691962id: 69501626748

297StaveleyAnn Staveleyfirst name on this monument1746231769id: 66111597212
John Staveleyfather of Ann Staveley

298StaveleyJoseph Staveleyfirst name on this monument1697761773id: 66091597033
Alice Staveley1708771785
Mary Staveley1677801757
John Staveleyson of Joseph Staveley1733221755
Joseph Staveleyson of Joseph Staveley1736231759
Thomas Staveleyson of Joseph Staveley1735
Margaret Staveleywife of Joseph Staveley1695711766

299SwalesMillicent Swalesfirst name on this monument1848651913id: 693116248121
George Swaleshusband of Millicent Swales1842821924
Mary Swales1885471932

300SwindellJarvis Swindellfirst name on this monument1838651903id: 676616099332
Ann Broadway1875821957 Daughter of Jarvis and Martha Swindell, married Walter Broadway in 1904
Walter Broadway1876801956
William Swindellson of Jarvis Swindell1877451922
Martha Swindellwife of Jarvis Swindell1842821924 Maiden name Eyre

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