Area J Cemetery, Thornaby-on-Tees, Durham, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
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1AlcockRobert Alcockfirst name on this monument1848641912id: 10404316
Sarah Alcockwife of Robert Alcock1850661916

2AndrewsHenry Andrewsfirst name on this monument1880711951id: 10404972

3AndrewsHenry Andrewsfirst name on this monument1880711951no image2

4BarkerHannah Barkerfirst name on this monument1879341913id: 104044232
William Flewker Barkerhusband of Hannah Barker

5BatchelorWilliam George Batchelorfirst name on this monument1865421907id: 10404557
Jane Ann Batchelorwife of William George Batchelor

6BellAnn Bellfirst name on this monument1860521912id: 104049438
William Bellbrother of Ann Bell1864671931
J Bellfather of Ann Bell
A Bellmother of Ann Bell

7BellJohn Robert Bellfirst name on this monument1873371910id: 10404932
Ruth A Bellwife of John Robert Bell

8BettsMary A Bettsfirst name on this monument1924251949id: 104047371
Albert Bettshusband of Mary A Betts
Annie Wright
John Thomas Wright1933

9BlackburnThomas Blackburnfirst name on this monument1872421914id: 1040470163
Eva Elizabeth Blackburndaughter of Thomas Blackburn1898271925
Amelia Ann Blackburnwife of Thomas Blackburn1876801956

10BoultJames William Boultfirst name on this monument1864461910no image31
Barbara Boultdaughter of James William Boult191081918
Barbara Boultwife of James William Boult1869541923

11BrownChristiana Brownfirst name on this monument1857561913id: 10404254
Mary Browndaughter of Christiana Brown1898201918
William Brownhusband of Christiana Brown1856661922
David Brownson of Christiana Brown1885241909

12BrownHector Gordon Brownfirst name on this monument1969id: 10404962

13BruceJohn Robert Brucefirst name on this monument1856581914id: 10404456
Harriet Brucewife of John Robert Bruce1860731933

14BurdyJohn George Burdyfirst name on this monument1848651913id: 104042444
Emily Burdywife of John George Burdy1850791929

15BurnsMary Burnsfirst name on this monument1839721911id: 10404093
William Burnshusband of Mary Burns

16BusseyRichard Charles Busseyfirst name on this monument1874411915id: 10405285
George Busseybrother of Richard Charles Bussey1870281898
James Edward Busseybrother of Richard Charles Bussey1878261904
John William Busseybrother of Richard Charles Bussey1849421891
Lily M Busseydaughter-in-law of Richard Charles Bussey70
George Busseyfather of Richard Charles Bussey1840801920
Mary Jane Busseymother of Richard Charles Bussey1842791921

17ButteryThomas Henry Butteryfirst name on this monument1868421910id: 104040571
Nettie Butterywife of Thomas Henry Buttery

18CallaghanMargaret Callaghanfirst name on this monument1846631909id: 104051312
Helen Callaghandaughter of Margaret Callaghan1876351911
Joseph Callaghanhusband of Margaret Callaghan1849701919
James Ramsey1846801926
John Addison Ramsey1885221907
Maria Ramsey
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19CarissMary Jane Carissfirst name on this monument1867551922id: 104051212
Henry Carisshusband of Mary Jane Cariss1867801947
George Coatesnephew of Mary Jane Cariss1887221909
Thomas Coatesnephew of Mary Jane Cariss1894221916

20ClarkeJasper Clarkefirst name on this monument1843671910id: 10404062
Margaret Clarkewife of Jasper Clarke1841751916

21ClarkeLucy Clarkefirst name on this monument1877701947id: 10404307
Lucy Ann Gipsonmother of Lucy Clarke1846661912

22CoatesCharles Coatesfirst name on this monument1866511917id: 10405154
Thomas Wardbrother-in-law of Charles Coates38
Matilda Jonesmother-in-law of Charles Coates1847601907

23CooteMary Jane Cootefirst name on this monument1864851949id: 104044130

24CottellElizabeth Cottellfirst name on this monument1846601906id: 10405315
William Cottellhusband of Elizabeth Cottell1840821922
Elizabeth Rees1858551913

25CowleyArthur Cowleyfirst name on this monument1866451911id: 104050923
Beatrice Cowleydaughter of Arthur Cowley1902271929
Hannah Cowleywife of Arthur Cowley

26CrosthwaiteDavid Cox Crosthwaitefirst name on this monument1878401918id: 104041314
Mary Crosthwaite of David Cox Crosthwaite1886821968

27DickinsonSarah Dickinsonfirst name on this monument72id: 104045661Burial year was 1903. Sarah is sole resident of the grave. Other names on headstone are buried in plot next to Sarah Dickinson.
William Dickinsonhusband of Sarah Dickinson Burial year 1914.
John Thomas Dickinson1943 John Thomas Dickinson is son of Sarah Dickinson. He purchased the grave plot in 1903.
Margaret Ann Dickinson1958 Margaret Ann Dickinson is the widow of John Thomas Dickinson.
Luke Denham Dickinsonson of Sarah Dickinson187251877

28DunnillRobert Dunnillfirst name on this monument1848561904id: 10405353
Lily Dunnilldaughter of Robert Dunnill1887191906
Sarah Ann Dunnillwife of Robert Dunnill1852701922

29EddyAnnie Isabel Eddyfirst name on this monument1866371903no image4
Mary Isabel Eddydaughter of Annie Isabel Eddy1891281919
C N B Eddyhusband of Annie Isabel Eddy1866381904
Alice Elizabeth Eddy1894711965
W B Eddy1893741967

30FinnRobinson Henry Finnfirst name on this monument1900801980id: 1040487141
Phyllis Doreen Drake Hedleydaughter of Robinson Henry Finn1923691992
William Thomas Hedleyson-in-law of Robinson Henry Finn1913861999
Eva Elizabeth Finnwife of Robinson Henry Finn1901801981

31FirthPhyllis Firthfirst name on this monument1883251908id: 10405052
Phyllis Firthdaughter of Phyllis Firth190411905
William H Firthhusband of Phyllis Firth

32FishburnJohn Fishburnfirst name on this monument1838721910id: 10404364
Dorothy Fishburnwife of John Fishburn1847651912

33ForsterCuthbert Hall Forsterfirst name on this monument1850741924id: 10404641
Edward Forsterson of Cuthbert Hall Forster1892191911
Jane Forsterwife of Cuthbert Hall Forster1852761928

34GatenbyEmma Gatenbyfirst name on this monument1872661938id: 104048881
Maria Gatenby1845681913
Richard Gatenby1851611912

35GreenwayMary Ethel Greenwayfirst name on this monument1892861978id: 104042718
Lawrence Greenwayhusband of Mary Ethel Greenway1980

36GriggCharles William Griggfirst name on this monument1850581908id: 10405202
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37GuestMary Guestfirst name on this monument1845671912id: 10404407
William Guesthusband of Mary Guest1841771918
Albert Guestson of Mary Guest1891281919

38HadmanIsrael Hadmanfirst name on this monument1894111905id: 1040518111
John Thomas Hadmanfather of Israel Hadman1855601915

39HammondMargaret Hammondfirst name on this monument1892791971id: 10404628
Joseph Hammondhusband of Margaret Hammond

40HarperEsther Harperfirst name on this monument1851611912id: 10404674
Thomas Harperhusband of Esther Harper1849671916
Frank Harperson of Esther Harper1890261916
John Alfred Harperson of Esther Harper1882161898

41HarrisCharles Harrisfirst name on this monument1854551909id: 10404986
Ellen Harriswife of Charles Harris

42HarrisonGertrude Slatter Harrisonfirst name on this monument1877311908id: 10405081
Edwin Harrisonfather of Gertrude Slatter Harrison1838731911
Mary Harrisonmother of Gertrude Slatter Harrison

43HillRobert Herbert Hillfirst name on this monument190341907id: 10405163
R H Hillfather of Robert Herbert Hill
M Hillmother of Robert Herbert Hill

44IrwinFrancis Irwinfirst name on this monument1841721913id: 104042811
Francess Irwindaughter of Francis Irwin1886321918
Margaret Irwinwife of Francis Irwin1843751918

45JacksonEmily Jacksonfirst name on this monument1884301914id: 10404433
William Jacksonhusband of Emily Jackson

46JohnsonElizabeth Johnsonfirst name on this monument1899331932id: 10405371

47JohnsonJeffry Coates Johnsonfirst name on this monument1835751910id: 104049511

48LancasterJohn Lancasterfirst name on this monument1857761933id: 104042341
Margaret Elizabeth Lancasterwife of John Lancaster1855901945

49LawJohn William Lawfirst name on this monument1930no image1
Elizabeth Ann Lawwife of John William Law1909

50LengWilliam Lengfirst name on this monument1847651912id: 10404337
Jane Lengwife of William Leng

51LloydWalter Ernest Lloydfirst name on this monument1875751950id: 10404661
William Edward Lloydson of Walter Ernest Lloyd1900121912

52MarshallDavid Marshallfirst name on this monument1910id: 10404839
James McAlisterbrother-in-law of David Marshall1916
Jane McAlistersister of David Marshall1910

53MawbyThomas Mawbyfirst name on this monument1882301912id: 104047913
Thomas Mawbyfather of Thomas Mawby
Sarah Mawbymother of Thomas Mawby
James Tyleruncle of Thomas Mawby1859431902

54McGivenAnn McGivenfirst name on this monument83id: 104043251
Alexander McGivenhusband of Ann McGiven
Thomas White Pearson1883751958

55McKinnonDonald McKinnonfirst name on this monument1862501912id: 104041425
Donald Lewis McKinnonson of Donald McKinnon1890281918
Mary Ann McKinnonwife of Donald McKinnon1867841951

56MiddlemissDorothy Middlemissfirst name on this monument1911id: 10404084
William James Middlemisshusband of Dorothy Middlemiss

57MilneJames M Milnefirst name on this monument1876351911id: 10404072

58MoodieElizabeth Moodiefirst name on this monument1855551910no image131
Alexander Moodiehusband of Elizabeth Moodie1857701927
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59MoodieFred Moodiefirst name on this monument1894191913id: 10404804
Alexander Moodiefather of Fred Moodie
Elizabeth Moodiemother of Fred Moodie

60MooreArthur W Moorefirst name on this monument1876601936id: 10404262

61MorganIsabella Morganfirst name on this monument190431907id: 104050421
William Morganfather of Isabella Morgan
Isabella Morganmother of Isabella Morgan

62OwenJohn Owenfirst name on this monument1879501929id: 10404531
Elizabeth Owenwife of John Owen1881581939

63ParkerWilliam Parkerfirst name on this monument1847661913id: 10404214
Elizabeth Parkerwife of William Parker1855871942

64PeacockJohn William Peacockfirst name on this monument190921911id: 10404611
John W Peacockfather of John William Peacock
Florence Peacockmother of John William Peacock

65PearsonIsabella Pearsonfirst name on this monument1844681912id: 104042991
William Pearsonhusband of Isabella Pearson1843751918

66PercivalJames William Percivalfirst name on this monument1951id: 104041281
Sarah Ann Percivalwife of James William Percival1988

67PowerWilliam Powerfirst name on this monument1841701911id: 10404812
Elizabeth Powerwife of William Power1851691920

68PritchardBertha Pritchardfirst name on this monument1893201913id: 104044623
John Pritchardfather of Bertha Pritchard
Annie Pritchardmother of Bertha Pritchard
Annie Pritchardsister of Bertha Pritchard1902131915

69RicheMarion Maud Richefirst name on this monument1909531962id: 10405198

70RussellFlorence Russellfirst name on this monument190951914id: 10404353
William Russellfather of Florence Russell
Margaret Russellmother of Florence Russell

71SaundersWilliam Saundersfirst name on this monument1847511898id: 104048211
Charles Saundersson of William Saunders1879121891
Ann Isabella Saunderswife of William Saunders1847641911

72SimpsonJohn Simpsonfirst name on this monument1913id: 10404223
Emily Cornleydaughter of John Simpson1969
Lilian Sparkdaughter of John Simpson1891931984
John Cornleyson-in-law of John Simpson
Emily Simpsonwife of John Simpson1918

73SmithJohn Smithfirst name on this monument190531908id: 10404572
James Smithbrother of John Smith1895231918
James Smithfather of John Smith
M Smithmother of John Smith
Emily Smithsister of John Smith1886321918
Florence Smithsister of John Smith1893211914
Susannah Thomas Smithsister of John Smith1880261906

74SmithWilliam Smithfirst name on this monument1834781912id: 1040521241
Kate Oliver Smithdaughter of William Smith1868531921
Susannah Smithwife of William Smith1830831913

75SpiresThomas Spiresfirst name on this monument1836821918id: 10404341
Mary Ann Spireswife of Thomas Spires1847871934

76StevensonLena Mary Stevensonfirst name on this monument190751912id: 10404692
James Wilfred Stevensonbrother of Lena Mary Stevenson191351918
James Stevensonfather of Lena Mary Stevenson
Lois Stevensonmother of Lena Mary Stevenson
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77StokerJoseph Stokerfirst name on this monument1836701906id: 104054462Joseph Stoker and Maria Cecelia Creig married in 1857.Children were Ann ,William ,Isabella, Mary Jane Agnes, Mary and Alice.Mary Jane Agnes married Tom Sanderson.Alice married George Cox. Joseph was born in Brewood, Staffordshire, the son of William and Rebecca Stoker.
Cecilia Stokerwife of Joseph Stoker1827921919

78TateMary Jane Tatefirst name on this monument1881281909id: 10405035
William Tatehusband of Mary Jane Tate1876621938

79ThompsonArthur Thompsonfirst name on this monument1887311918id: 104046512

80ThompsonLuke Thompsonfirst name on this monument1892721964id: 10405361
Emily Thompsonwife of Luke Thompson1894941988

81UsherViolet May Usherfirst name on this monument1978no image31
Elizabeth Lyallmother of Violet May Usher1955

82VeacockMary Ann Veacockfirst name on this monument1859451904id: 104054351
Marion Veacockdaughter of Mary Ann Veacock1891141905
Robert Veacockhusband of Mary Ann Veacock

83WallaceJames Wallacefirst name on this monument1864741938id: 104052711

84WarnockArthur Warnockfirst name on this monument1886501936id: 10404377

85WebsterThomas Websterfirst name on this monument1835711906id: 10405308
Esther Websterwife of Thomas Webster1838581896

86WetherellWilliam Wetherellfirst name on this monument1845661911id: 10404115
Hannah Wetherellwife of William Wetherell1847691916

87WilkinJoseph Wilkinfirst name on this monument1879311910id: 10404846
Olive May Wilkindaughter-in-law of Joseph Wilkin1908711979
Joseph Wilkin1904831987

88WilkinsonFrerderick Wilkinsonfirst name on this monument1845681913id: 10404203
Sarah Wilkinsondaughter-in-law of Frerderick Wilkinson
Frank Wilkinsonson of Frerderick Wilkinson1891241915
Sarah Wilkinsonwife of Frerderick Wilkinson

89WilksJohn Wilksfirst name on this monument1846651911id: 104041021
Elizabeth Wilksdaughter of John Wilks1875691944
Ernest Wilksson of John Wilks1876361912
Mary Wilkswife of John Wilks1850811931

90WinnSamuel Winnfirst name on this monument1833701903id: 104053939
David Winnbrother of Samuel Winn1866501916
Samuel Winnbrother of Samuel Winn1868401908
Elizabeth Winndaughter of Samuel Winn
Margaret Winndaughter of Samuel Winn191651921
Mary Jane Winndaughter of Samuel Winn1874341908
Margaret Anderson1810771887
Mary Anderson
William Anderson1813881901
William Winnson of Samuel Winn1865641929
Eliza Winnwife of Samuel Winn1843861929

91WinnWilliam Winnfirst name on this monument1865641929id: 10405173
Mary Alice Winnwife of William Winn1871681939

92WoodJohn Thomas Woodfirst name on this monument1855511906id: 10405381
George Woodson of John Thomas Wood188611887
Tom Woodson of John Thomas Wood1894241918
Elizabeth Ellen Woodwife of John Thomas Wood1856841940

93WorthyWilliam Worthyfirst name on this monument1846741920id: 10404195
Jessie Worthydaughter of William Worthy1889291918
Violet Ellen Worthydaughter of William Worthy1882301912
Anne Worthywife of William Worthy1849791928

94WressleRobert Wresslefirst name on this monument1846641910id: 10404851
Nellie Wressledaughter of Robert Wressle
Elizabeth Wresslewife of Robert Wressle1836751911
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95WrightEdith Wrightfirst name on this monument1879321911id: 10404924
George Herbert Wrighthusband of Edith Wright

96WrightJohn Wrightfirst name on this monument1904191923id: 10404751

97WrightJohn Thomas Wrightfirst name on this monument1876701946id: 10404761
Mary Wrightwife of John Thomas Wright1881871968

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