St Margaret's Church burial ground, Stanford le Hope, Essex, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1AdamsEdward Adamsfirst name on this monument1861193978225136837397
Mary Maria Adamswife of Edward Adams1865194681

2AdamsJames Adamsfirst name on this monument16271705781131367244351

3AdamsJoan Adamsfirst name on this monument1924193713210136822565

4AdsheadEdwin W Adsheadfirst name on this monument1876193256321366425082
Maud Ethel Adsheadwife of Edwin W Adshead1878196890

5AnfilogoffChristine Elise Anfilogofffirst name on this monument189918990961367074141
Robert Thomas Anfilogoffbrother of Christine Elise Anfilogoff190419062

6ArmstrongCaroline Louisa Armstrongfirst name on this monument1819184122016136626556

7AxfordSarah Axfordfirst name on this monument18231908851041367156441
Carrie Axford Warburton76
Phineas Warburton1853193380

8BakewellJohn Edward Bakewellfirst name on this monument1241367358263
Charles William Bakewellson of John Edward Bakewell190919156
Elizabeth Martha Bakewellwife of John Edward Bakewell1952

9BaldwinOlive I E Baldwinfirst name on this monument1910014136624342

10BanksJames Banksfirst name on this monument1867192255140136751375
James E Banksson of James Banks1894191723

11BanksJames E Banksfirst name on this monument1894191723140a136752347

12BarleymanFrederick Ernest Barleymanfirst name on this monument1866193670216136828349
Annie Maria Barleyman1877195780

13BayfordThomas Bayfordfirst name on this monument1832188654901367014911
Maria Bayford1858186911

14BearmanElijah Bearmanfirst name on this monument18541929752281368405131
Julia Ann Bearmanwife of Elijah Bearman1855194994

15BeckwithDavid Beckwithfirst name on this monument17911866750071366177661
Elizabeth Beckwithwife of David Beckwith1794184450

16BeeckWilliam Beeckfirst name on this monument1828103136714295

17BellEdward Chapman Bellfirst name on this monument1859192566236136848434
Alice Bellsister of Edward Chapman Bell1857193578

18BellEdward Chapman Bellfirst name on this monument1859192566215136827451
Alice Bellsister of Edward Chapman Bell1857193578

19BennewithArchibald Bennewithfirst name on this monument19111988771791367916092
Ada Agnes Bennewith1880195777
Maureen Faith Bennewith191919212
Samuel Edward Bennewith1880191838
Elizabeth Louise Bennewithwife of Archibald Bennewith1910197666

20BentonEttie May Bentonfirst name on this monument1873192956431366534844
Joseph Bentonhusband of Ettie May Benton1869195182

21BettisSarah Ann Bettisfirst name on this monument1857192871741366844921
George Bettishusband of Sarah Ann Bettis83

22BewersLeslie Stuart Bewersfirst name on this monument19571121367235891
Anne Maria Bewers1932
Douglas George Bewers1932

23BewersSydney Frank Bewersfirst name on this monument18951913181111367223482
Herbert John Bewersfather of Sydney Frank Bewers1864194278

24BishopJohn Bishopfirst name on this monument18371917801691367813431
Mary Ann Bishopwife of John Bishop1843191976

25BondMinnie Gertrude Bondfirst name on this monument1866194074451366557462
Alfred Reuben Bondhusband of Minnie Gertrude Bond1859194283

26BoneGeorge A Bonefirst name on this monument1897192124237136849429
George Bonefather of George A Bone1857193679

27BoormanEva Boormanfirst name on this monument1872015136625737
Charles Spencer Boormanfather of Eva Boorman1824190682
Caroline Boormanmother of Eva Boorman1832189563

28BrandAgnes Jane Brandfirst name on this monument1889189010041366141382
Douglas Joseph Brand1918200486
Edward John Brand1881196887
Fanny Brand1854193682
Helen Burns Brand1881196887
Joseph Wackrill Brand1884195571
Lewis Edward Brand1851192574
Lilian Gertrude Brand1893
Lilian Mabel Brand1922200785
Robina Lilian Brand18831984101

29BrandDoris Lilian Brandfirst name on this monument1927003136613530

30BrandJoseph Brandfirst name on this monument1824187753005136615535
Jane Brandwife of Joseph Brand1828191284

31BridgesHenry Pointer Bridgesfirst name on this monument18521926742421368543281

32BrittonErnest J Brittonfirst name on this monument1896191620163136775646
Kathleen Spurgeonniece of Ernest J Britton190819146
Kathleen Annie Spurgeonsister of Ernest J Britton1886191428

33BrownEmma Brownfirst name on this monument1891192736188136800340

34BullElizabeth Susan Bullfirst name on this monument19232181368301034
Leslie Alfred Lattergrand son of Elizabeth Susan Bull1914194127
Alfred Sidney Bull1858194789
Amelia Grace Bull1895195762
Sidney Alfred Bull1882195068

35BurleyDavid Burleyfirst name on this monument193642136652541
Catherine Louisa Burleywife of David Burley1946

36BurrillAlfred Burrillfirst name on this monument1863192764176136788472
Eliza Eizabeth Burrillwife of Alfred Burrill1860195292

37BusbyAda Busbyfirst name on this monument19051969642051368176431
May Clark
Benjamin Jiggens1871195786
Mary Jane Jiggens1875195782

38ButcherMary Ann Butcherfirst name on this monument18411919781961368084391
George Butcherhusband of Mary Ann Butcher1840193191

39CalderbankElizabeth Hersey Calderbankfirst name on this monument1811367933722

40CapstickAnnie Louisa Capstickfirst name on this monument1861192059200136812614
Joseph Capstickhusband of Annie Louisa Capstick1859192970
Adelaide Rose Capstick1887197487
Stanley Reeve Capstick1886198498

41CapstickWinifred Elizabeth Sarah Capstickfirst name on this monument1917198366201136813436
Jack Stanley Capstickhusband of Winifred Elizabeth Sarah Capstick1916200185

42CaslingDavid Cecil Caslingfirst name on this monument190519302539136649447
Eva Caslingwife of David Cecil Casling1906197670

43ChapmanGladys W Chapmanfirst name on this monument1908192618175136787333

44ChristieConstance Mary Christiefirst name on this monument18871919321971368096991
Evelyn Stanley Woodbrother of Constance Mary Christie1900191919

45ClarkFrancis Thomas Clarkfirst name on this monument185918943560136670380

46ClarkMary Clarkfirst name on this monument178618415559136669292

47ClarksonEveleyn Edith Clarksonfirst name on this monument19091919101381367495592
Harriett Edith Clarkson1868194981

48CoeBill Coefirst name on this monument1936199660116136727592
Martin Coe1967200134

49CookMary Cookfirst name on this monument1877193659241136853347

50CookeGeorge W H Cookefirst name on this monument18861964781101367213052
Rosina Cookewife of George W H Cooke1885196883

51CoolingTom Robert Coolingfirst name on this monument1835191681160136772389
Jane Cooling1855192974

52CoulsonAlfred Lawrence Coulsonfirst name on this monument1908166136778472
Sarah Ann Coulson1854194389

53CowellAlfred Cowellfirst name on this monument1868001136611458
Samuel Cowellfather of Alfred Cowell1839191374
Martha Cowellmother of Alfred Cowell1834190369

54CoxDavid Coxfirst name on this monument185018974772136682380
Ernest W Cox1889
Francis G Cox1885191429

55CraneEphraim Edward Cranefirst name on this monument1922234136846269
Ruth Mary Cranewife of Ephraim Edward Crane1945

56CrichlowLewis Benjamin Crichlowfirst name on this monument1864190945128136739279

57CrickmerEmma Crickmerfirst name on this monument18971905897136708289
Frank Crickmerbrother of Emma Crickmer191719181
Joseph Crickmerbrother of Emma Crickmer190019022

58CrickmerHarry Crickmerfirst name on this monument1869195283131136742282
Matilda Crickmerdaughter of Harry Crickmer1902191715

59DainesElizabeth Dainesfirst name on this monument186319326931136641278

60DaleAnn Dalefirst name on this monument1814188167020136630328

61DaleElizabeth Dalefirst name on this monument1866192054202136814280
William James Dalehusband of Elizabeth Dale1865194277

62DaleJames Nathaniel Dalefirst name on this monument1786186478022136632272

63DaleJohn Dalefirst name on this monument1879021136631220

64DaleWilliam Dalefirst name on this monument18221897750231366332621
Maria Dalewife of William Dale1823189976

65DavissonHenry Edward Davissonfirst name on this monument18701924542061368182161

66DellowEsther Brand Dellowfirst name on this monument1846191973168136780286
Philip Dellow1845192984

67DempsterWilliam John Dempsterfirst name on this monument191919212230136842356

68DentEleanor Dentfirst name on this monument183118693876136687307

69DentElizabeth Eleanor Dentfirst name on this monument185818923477136688271

70DentMary Dentfirst name on this monument179718818478136689326

71DentryWilliam Dentryfirst name on this monument1782181230251366353001
Harriett Caroline Dentry1782186785

72DewGeorge Harry Dewfirst name on this monument187219124084136695229

73DowJoshua James Dowfirst name on this monument18841964801151367264611
Alice Dowwife of Joshua James Dow1886197488

74EarlAnnie Earlfirst name on this monument1847192073199136811284
John Earlhusband of Annie Earl1847193285

75EastwoodWilliam Eastwoodfirst name on this monument180518716649136659337
Jane Lee Eastwoodwife of William Eastwood1889

76EggettJohn Henry Eggettfirst name on this monument1845190156911367023402

77EllisEmma Ellisfirst name on this monument93136704229

78ElsdenJohn William Elsdenfirst name on this monument1845188540631366733692

79EvansBridget Evansfirst name on this monument193047136657301

80EvansEdward Evansfirst name on this monument1863191350114136725552
Alice Elizabeth Evanswife of Edward Evans1864195894

81EveSarah Evefirst name on this monument1816189781019136629502
William Evehusband of Sarah Eve1802187674
Adam Edward Eveson of Sarah Eve1849188132

82FastabrookSarah Ann Fastabrookfirst name on this monument181918917266136676239

83FayersMary Fayersfirst name on this monument191319152123136734409
John Fayers1870195484
Kate Fayers

84FetherstonAnna Maria Fetherstonfirst name on this monument1669168920145136757279

85FetherstonHeneage Fetherstonfirst name on this monument16271711841461367582822
Mary Fetherstonwife of Heneage Fetherston1633171077

86FetherstonHeneage Fetherstonfirst name on this monument16571711541441367562571
Frances Fetherstonwife of Heneage Fetherston1669174677

87FetherstonHenry Fetherstonfirst name on this monument16481740921471367596802
Katherine Bertieson of Henry Fetherston
Dorothy Fetherstonson of Henry Fetherston
Elizabeth Fetherstonson of Henry Fetherston
Grace Fetherstonson of Henry Fetherston
Mary Fetherstonson of Henry Fetherston
Rebecca Fetherstonson of Henry Fetherston

88FetherstonThomas Fetherstonfirst name on this monument17270171366272841
Elizabeth Fetherstonwife of Thomas Fetherston1679175677

89FishHarry Fishfirst name on this monument185918953654136664403
John Reginald P Fish188518861

90FitchGeorge Fitchfirst name on this monument18361914781221367333051
Ann Fitchwife of George Fitch1842193088

91FitchPhoebe Fitchfirst name on this monument186719084128136638306
William Fitchhusband of Phoebe Fitch1867191346

92FreemanGeorge Freemanfirst name on this monument180818686089136700218

93FreemanWilliam Cornwall Freemanfirst name on this monument1839101136712203

94FrostickCharlotte Lydia Frostickfirst name on this monument18721955831931368054491
Charlotte Emily Frostick1845191772
Clement Frostick1870193363
William Clement Frederick Frostick1920199171

95FrostickMary Frostickfirst name on this monument1814187965821366934263
William Frostickhusband of Mary Frostick1892
Benjamin Frostickson of Mary Frostick1843187936

96FrostickMary Ann Frostickfirst name on this monument189762136672248

97FullerMinnie Fullerfirst name on this monument186719417481136692355
William Fuller1863193269

98GardinerGeorge Gardinerfirst name on this monument1865191853178136790310
Peter Douglas Hardinggrand son-in-law of George Gardiner1919200990
Mary Gardinerwife of George Gardiner1865193974

99GatesFrederick W Gatesfirst name on this monument1862191755170136782399
Sarah Amelia Gateswife of Frederick W Gates1870195181

100GentryJohn Gentryfirst name on this monument1819189677531366634041
Annie Ella Landdaughter of John Gentry1868189729
Charlotte Gentrywife of John Gentry1825190277

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