St Peter's Church burial ground, Ashford, Devon, England

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Monument list surnamefull namerelationshipbirth
GPR ref.viewedrequested
1BadcockElizabeth Badcockfirst name on this monument18711950791471364304661
Amelia Badcocksister of Elizabeth Badcock1870195484

2BadcockMary Badcockfirst name on this monument1814188672261363534002
James Badcockhusband of Mary Badcock
James Badcockson of Mary Badcock1842188947

3BadcockRobert Badcockfirst name on this monument180518312638136361307

4BadcockThomas Badcockfirst name on this monument182418886445136365233

5BadcockWilliam Badcockfirst name on this monument18361881451491364313771
Eliza Badcockwife of William Badcock1842191270

6BadcockWilliam Bynon Badcockfirst name on this monument1869192354301363553291
Lewis Badcockfather of William Bynon Badcock
Henrietta Badcockmother of William Bynon Badcock

7BaggJames William Baggfirst name on this monument187919618286136393320
Mabel Mary Baggwife of James William Bagg1883196683

8BarrowEdward Barrowfirst name on this monument171418079339136362497
Jane Hodge1758182163
William Hodge

9BerryHelen Elizabeth Berryfirst name on this monument1867189730145136429392
James Berryfather of Helen Elizabeth Berry1841191776
Mary Jane Berrymother of Helen Elizabeth Berry1843191370
Edith Amy Berrysister of Helen Elizabeth Berry1883190219

10Bidlake-EdgerCharles Bidlake-Edgerfirst name on this monument184731136356562
William Edgerbrother of Charles Bidlake-Edger1839186223
John Bidlake-Edgerfather of Charles Bidlake-Edger1908195547
Jeremiah Vellacottgrand father of Charles Bidlake-Edger
Susan Bidlake-Edgermother of Charles Bidlake-Edger

11BlackmoreAnn Blackmorefirst name on this monument17931858651391364266891
John Blackmorehusband of Ann Blackmore

12BromleyEllen Jane Bromleyfirst name on this monument188319324976136386525
Arthur George Bromleyhusband of Ellen Jane Bromley1877195275

13BynonAnn Bynonfirst name on this monument1791182534154136433345
George Bynonfather of Ann Bynon
Julian Bynonmother of Ann Bynon

14BynonWilliam Bynonfirst name on this monument17851855701511364324092
Henrietta Badcock1845192176
Lewis Badcock1839189354
Elizabeth Bynonwife of William Bynon1792187785

15CarderArthur Ernest Carderfirst name on this monument194174136384325
Mabel Annie Carderwife of Arthur Ernest Carder1943

16CareyJohn Graham Mac Careyfirst name on this monument1846190761100136403370
Lucy Ann Careywife of John Graham Mac Carey1841191675

17ClappJohn Cole Clappfirst name on this monument18921967759013639715242
Mary Audrey Clappwife of John Cole Clapp1908199385

18ClarkMary Ann Clarkfirst name on this monument18361884481211364173501
Sarah Ellen Clarkdaughter of Mary Ann Clark1879191233
John W Clarkhusband of Mary Ann Clark

19CockramElizabeth Cockramfirst name on this monument188619476116136343495

20CooperSarah Elizabeth Cooperfirst name on this monument186719457864136376272
Henry William Cooperhusband of Sarah Elizabeth Cooper1869194677

21CooperThomas Huxtable Cooperfirst name on this monument187519426763136375455
Henry Cooperbrother of Thomas Huxtable Cooper
L J Pincombe1917
Rosa Pincombeniece of Thomas Huxtable Cooper1892195361

22CoppMary Ann Coppfirst name on this monument1848188335120136416345

23CorneyArchie Corneyfirst name on this monument190419575382136390329
Helena Pauline Corneywife of Archie Corney1884197490

24CrispinCora Crispinfirst name on this monument188019254557136371350
George Crispinhusband of Cora Crispin
George Crispinhusband of Cora Crispin1959

25CutcliffeGeorge Cutcliffefirst name on this monument1847189851124136420294
Christihannah Cutcliffewife of George Cutcliffe1852190250

26CutcliffeJohn Cutcliffefirst name on this monument1877191033114136412407
George Cutcliffefather of John Cutcliffe
Catherine A Balment1967
Edith Jane Cutcliffesister of John Cutcliffe1950

27DaveyJohn Daveyfirst name on this monument7121136348243

28DaveyWilliam Daveyfirst name on this monument18311916851171364145671
Ellen Daveydaughter of William Davey1875196691
Betsy Daveywife of William Davey1836191983

29DymondAnn Dymondfirst name on this monument18471925781251364214852
John Dymondhusband of Ann Dymond1854192874

30EdgerJohn Edgerfirst name on this monument37136360259

31EdgerMacklen Edgerfirst name on this monument1697176063155136434365
John Edger1733178552
John Edger176317729
John Edger1773181946
John Edger1807186962
Mary Edgerwife of Macklen Edger1693176067

32EdwardsMary Edwardsfirst name on this monument1844189854126136422298
George Edwardshusband of Mary Edwards1845191267

33ElliottElizabeth Ann Elliottfirst name on this monument185819337578136387366
Frederick Elliotthusband of Elizabeth Ann Elliott1864195591

34ElliottKathleen Elliottfirst name on this monument190119717079136388404
Frederick Charles Elliotthusband of Kathleen Elliott1893198289

35EltonEmily Sarah Eltonfirst name on this monument67108136406313
Harry Eltonhusband of Emily Sarah Elton1851193584

36GibbonsSidney Gibbonsfirst name on this monument1891197483871363945211
Ann Gibbonswife of Sidney Gibbons1887197689

37GliddonSusannah Gliddonfirst name on this monument1757184285251363522861
Z H Drakeemployer of Susannah Gliddon

38GorvinBeatrice May Gorvinfirst name on this monument190619837791136398266
William James Gorvinhusband of Beatrice May Gorvin1901198382

39GossAnn Gossfirst name on this monument181418311723136350616
George Goss1815183419
Jane Goss1820183717
John Goss1848

40GossJohn Gossfirst name on this monument178518254024136351286

41GouldMary Gouldfirst name on this monument17641836721441364282972
Humphrey Gould1764185389

42GrattonFanny Grattonfirst name on this monument1835190974113136411324
John Grattonhusband of Fanny Gratton1832191987

43HardinJohn Hardinfirst name on this monument17691834655136333292

44HardingJohn Hardingfirst name on this monument182018755528136354532
Hardingemployer of John Harding
Ann Hardingwife of John Harding1820188969

45HarrieAlexander Harriefirst name on this monument1593166875157136436193

46HarveyElizabeth Harveyfirst name on this monument18221865436136334382
Emma Harveydaughter of Elizabeth Harvey186218642
Maria Harveydaughter of Elizabeth Harvey185118532
George Harveyhusband of Elizabeth Harvey1823189976
George Harveyson of Elizabeth Harvey1852192876

47HarveyMary Harveyfirst name on this monument18011884837136335277
John Harveyhusband of Mary Harvey1800188686

48HaymanWilliam Haymanfirst name on this monument182022136349389
Martil Haymanwife of William Hayman

49HodgeMary Hodgefirst name on this monument180218514913136341452
William Hodgehusband of Mary Hodge1792185563

50HodgeMatthew Hodgefirst name on this monument179418293514136342305
Ann Hodgewife of Matthew Hodge1895193237

51HollymanGertrude May Hollymanfirst name on this monument190119858492136399267
Robert Hollymanhusband of Gertrude May Hollyman1900197575

52HopkinsSamuel Hopkinsfirst name on this monument1849190556461363662001
Mary Hopkinswife of Samuel Hopkins1850193787

53IrwinHenry Irwinfirst name on this monument180518757081363361762

54JenkinsEllen Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1889196576891363961973
Frederick John Jenkinshusband of Ellen Jenkins1892198290

55JenkinsReginald R S Jenkinsfirst name on this monument1911193423811363892391
Samuel Jenkinsfather of Reginald R S Jenkins1884196581
Emily Jenkinsmother of Reginald R S Jenkins1885196681

56JoceGeorge Jocefirst name on this monument18231830717136344256
George Jocefather of George Joce
Honor Jocemother of George Joce
John Joce

57JoceHonor Jocefirst name on this monument179518576236136359235
George Jocehusband of Honor Joce1794186975

58KenningtonFrederick Kenningtonfirst name on this monument1909591363725841
Frederick Reginald Kenningtonson of Frederick Kennington
Hannah Mary Kenningtonwife of Frederick Kennington1927

59KentJohn Noel Platt Kentfirst name on this monument1895191116104136405559
Arthur Percival Kentfather of John Noel Platt Kent
Arthur Percival Kentfather of John Noel Platt Kent1925
Agnes Kennedy Kentmother of John Noel Platt Kent

60LandonDorothy Mervin Landonfirst name on this monument183718693242136364708
Charles Cutcliffe Drake Drakefather of Dorothy Mervin Landon
Charles Whittington Landonhusband of Dorothy Mervin Landon
Charles Whittington Landonhusband of Dorothy Mervin Landon1830189666

61LangdonPeyton Langdonfirst name on this monument1878190224115136413181

62LangdonWilliam Langdonfirst name on this monument1802184442158136437631
George Langdonbrother of William Langdon1801187776
William Langdonfather of William Langdon
Mary Langdonmother of William Langdon
James Langdonnephew of William Langdon1820187959
Mary Ann Langdonsister-in-law of William Langdon1795187782
Maria Langdonwife of William Langdon1809189283

63MaddocksEmily Maddocksfirst name on this monument1854191460401363633222
William Maddockshusband of Emily Maddocks1753183683
Frederick Mock1904199793
Margery Mock1910199484

64MaddocksMary Jane Maddocksfirst name on this monument1876193761110136408235
John Maddockshusband of Mary Jane Maddocks1880195373

65ManningElizabeth Ann Manningfirst name on this monument18791917381091364072482
Fred Manninghusband of Elizabeth Ann Manning1885197085

66MillerS Millerfirst name on this monument128136424206
Thomas Millerhusband of S Miller

67MockHarriet Mockfirst name on this monument18311850199136337321
James Mock1855
John Mock
Mary Mock

68MooreWilliam Henry Moorefirst name on this monument190819655772136383219
Mary Moorewife of William Henry Moore

69NeveStanley George Nevefirst name on this monument190619332760136373272

70NewmanClifton Wellington Newmanfirst name on this monument19071985788813639524182
Adrian Clifton Newmanson of Clifton Wellington Newman1950199343
Dorothy Edith Newmanwife of Clifton Wellington Newman1914200389

71NormanRichard Holmes Normanfirst name on this monument1888193042111136409216
Gertrude May Normanwife of Richard Holmes Norman18891989100

72NottUnknown Nottfirst name on this monument1886194963681363791741
Robert William Notthusband of Unknown Nott78

73ParkinElizabeth Parkinfirst name on this monument1832186937201363476271
Eliza Parkindaughter of Elizabeth Parkin1869
Charles Parkinhusband of Elizabeth Parkin

74ParrJames Fitzgerald Parrfirst name on this monument184019167653136369351
Reginald Fitzgerald Parrson of James Fitzgerald Parr
Joanne Elizabeth Parrwife of James Fitzgerald Parr1863194683

75PassmoreThomas Jack Passmorefirst name on this monument193119501970136381435
Reginald Wallace Passmorefather of Thomas Jack Passmore1886196175
Mabel Ethel Passmoremother of Thomas Jack Passmore1891195564

76PearceElizabeth Jane Pearcefirst name on this monument186419387483136391331
J H Pearcehusband of Elizabeth Jane Pearce
Margaret Beatrice Pearceniece of Elizabeth Jane Pearce1882195977

77PearceLaura Emilie Pearcefirst name on this monument1860190242112136410206
John Henry Edwin Pearcehusband of Laura Emilie Pearce1859192566

78PickardElizabeth Lottie Pickardfirst name on this monument189119445369136380302
J W Pickardhusband of Elizabeth Lottie Pickard

79PodmoreSusanna Podmorefirst name on this monument182118846334136358271
William Brooks

80PullingJoseph Henry Pullingfirst name on this monument188418981410136338322
Thomas Pullingfather of Joseph Henry Pulling1856193579
Annie Pullingmother of Joseph Henry Pulling1911
Mary Anne Pulling

81RallsEdmund Philip Rallsfirst name on this monument96b1364023892
Ellen Ralls1846192579

82RaymontRichard Raymontfirst name on this monument1818189880127136423329
Elizabeth Raymontwife of Richard Raymont1832191280

83RestonHenry Restonfirst name on this monument1843191168471363674181
Kate Eliza Restonwife of Henry Reston1866193771

84RookArthur John Rookfirst name on this monument187719497284136392311
Eva Rookwife of Arthur John Rook1896197579

85RottenburyElizabeth Rottenburyfirst name on this monument187119295893136400231
William Rottenburyhusband of Elizabeth Rottenbury

86SandersGeorge Sandersfirst name on this monument186194136401525
Joseph Alfred Sandersfather of George Sanders
S Sandersmother of George Sanders
E P R1912
E P R1925
Alfred George Franklin Sanders1895191722
Catherine Elizabeth Sanders1851
George Sanders

87SeatonEdith Marion Seatonfirst name on this monument1876189620118136415330
Mabel Eveline Seaton188218842

88SmythAnnie Smythfirst name on this monument1867189124123136419242

89SmythElizabeth Smythfirst name on this monument1915122136418228

90SmythPercy Smythfirst name on this monument1871194069102136404419
Olive Florence Smythwife of Percy Smyth1891197281

91SmythThomas Smythfirst name on this monument1853191363465821
Edward Smythfather of Thomas Smyth1810187161
Eliza Smythmother of Thomas Smyth1809190091
Annie Smythsister of Thomas Smyth1848187325

92SnellEmma Snellfirst name on this monument1875193863142136427416
Mary Grace Maddocksdaughter of Emma Snell1900197676
Edwin Thomas Snellhusband of Emma Snell1869195182
George Maddocksson-in-law of Emma Snell1903198582

93SomertfieldMary Somertfieldfirst name on this monument17901867774136332194
William Somertfieldhusband of Mary Somertfield1795187580

94TappJohn Tappfirst name on this monument168717597212136340345
Joan Tappwife of John Tapp1696175862

95TappMichael Tappfirst name on this monument1730175626156136435337
John Tappfather of Michael Tapp
Joan Tappmother of Michael Tapp
John Tappson of Michael Tapp1731175625

96ThomasAnnie Thomasfirst name on this monument189019617162136374227
Herbert Thomashusband of Annie Thomas1897197275

97TuckerJoseph Tuckerfirst name on this monument188219183655136370207
Mary Ann Tuckerwife of Joseph Tucker1875194267

98VellacottEmma S Vellacottfirst name on this monument6875136385250
William Sidney Vellacott

99VickeryMary Ellen Vickeryfirst name on this monument187819497167136378395
Charlie Vickeryhusband of Mary Ellen Vickery1873194976

100WareFrederick George Warefirst name on this monument1890195363651363774071
Frederick John Wareson of Frederick George Ware1921195736
Louisa Jane Warewife of Frederick George Ware1894195561

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