John Mathers Aikman grave monument in Municipal (part 2) , Minehead, Somerset, England

John Mathers Aikman grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Mathers Aikman
25/12/1979771902first name on monument
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Mathers Aikman grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 692173)

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image: MDMun 1036
grave: 692163
Wilfred Dytham
image number MDMun 1036
image: MDMun 1037
grave: 692164
Doris Kathleen Davies
image number MDMun 1037
image: MDMun 1038
grave: 692165
Arthur E Parsons
image number MDMun 1038
image: MDMun 1039
grave: 692166
Doris May Price
image number MDMun 1039
image: MDMun 1040
grave: 692167
Louisa Rebecca Thorne
image number MDMun 1040
image: MDMun 1041
grave: 692168
Helen E M Butcher
image number MDMun 1041
image: MDMun 1042
grave: 692169
Jack Baker
image number MDMun 1042
image: MDMun 1043
grave: 692170
William H G Bailey
image number MDMun 1043
image: MDMun 1044
grave: 692171
Eileen Mary Chidgey
image number MDMun 1044
image: MDMun 1045
grave: 692172
Margot Whinney
image number MDMun 1045
image: MDMun 1046
grave: 692173
John Mathers Aikman
image number MDMun 1046
image: MDMun 1047
grave: 692174
Freda Mary Hopwood
image number MDMun 1047
image: MDMun 1048
grave: 692175
John Henry Chapman
image number MDMun 1048
image: MDMun 1049
grave: 692176
George Yarnold Parkes
image number MDMun 1049
image: MDMun 1050
grave: 692177
Daniel Charles Hussek
image number MDMun 1050
image: MDMun 1052
grave: 692178
Denis A Coleman
image number MDMun 1052
image: MDMun 1053
grave: 692179
Raymond Charles Hurford
image number MDMun 1053
image: MDMun 1054
grave: 692180
T O H Thomas
image number MDMun 1054
image: MDMun 1055
grave: 692181
Sylvia Agnes Ridler
image number MDMun 1055
image: MDMun 1056
grave: 692182
Hilda Maud Davis
image number MDMun 1056
image: MDMun 1057
grave: 692183
George Frederick Bacon
image number MDMun 1057

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