Charles Hunter grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Hughenden, Queensland, Australia

Charles Hunter grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charles Hunter
190891899age 9yr11mo
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Charles Hunter grave location

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image: hughdn536
grave: 310334
Francis Reece
image number hughdn536
image: hughdn537
grave: 310335
Emily Mabel Crawford
image number hughdn537
image: hughdn538
grave: 310336
William Green
image number hughdn538
image: hughdn539
grave: 310337
Philip Stirling
image number hughdn539
image: hughdn540
grave: 310338
W H Lloyd
image number hughdn540
image: hughdn542
grave: 310339
J W Wilson
image number hughdn542
image: hughdn543
grave: 310340
Samuel Shardlow
image number hughdn543
image: hughdn544
grave: 310341
Hugh Hunter
image number hughdn544
image: hughdn544
grave: 310342
Lily May S Hunter
image number hughdn544
image: hughdn544
grave: 310343
Ian Benn Hunter
image number hughdn544
image: hughdn545
grave: 310344
Charles Hunter
image number hughdn545
image: hughdn546
grave: 310345
Annie Lydia Scott
image number hughdn546
image: hughdn547
grave: 310346
John Frost
image number hughdn547
image: hughdn548
grave: 310347
John Mckinnon Pratt
image number hughdn548
image: hughdn549
grave: 310348
William Walter D'evelyn
image number hughdn549
image: hughdn550
grave: 310349
Thomas Cox
image number hughdn550
image: hughdn551
grave: 310350
Edith Cox
image number hughdn551
image: hughdn552
grave: 310351
Smithy Wallace
image number hughdn552
image: hughdn553
grave: 310352
Hans Wieben
image number hughdn553
image: hughdn554
grave: 310353
Florence Annie Jane Crothers
image number hughdn554
image: hughdn555
grave: 310354
George Langton Robinson
image number hughdn555

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