Mary Ann Joice grave monument in All Saints (ruin) burial ground, Little Ryburgh, Norfolk, England

Mary Ann Joice grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mary Ann Joice
James George Joice
1947901857husband of Mary Ann Joice
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Mary Ann Joice grave location

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The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Mary Ann Joice was taken.

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image: 228
grave: 216685
George Vertigan
image number 228
image: 230
grave: 216686
Herbert Edward Parker
image number 230
image: 231
grave: 216687
Edith Wilkin
image number 231
image: 232
grave: 216688
Samuel Sleog
image number 232
image: 235
grave: 216689
Bessie Platten
image number 235
image: 236
grave: 216690
George Nelson
image number 236
image: 238
grave: 216691
Cecilia Maria Lovett
image number 238
image: 239
grave: 216692
Raymond Allan Hunt
image number 239
image: 240
grave: 216693
Robert George Hunt
image number 240
image: 241
grave: 216694
Martha Wicks
image number 241
image: 242
grave: 216695
Mary Ann Joice
image number 242
image: 243
grave: 216696
Jack Thomas Joice
image number 243
image: 244
grave: 216697
Charles Thomas Joice
image number 244
image: 245
grave: 216698
Elizabeth Walpole
image number 245
image: 245
grave: 216699
Alfred Walpole
image number 245
image: 247
grave: 216700
William Watson
image number 247
image: 248
grave: 216701
Eliza Todd
image number 248
image: 249
grave: 216702
James Reeve
image number 249
image: 250
grave: 216703
Harry Redington
image number 250
image: 251
grave: 216704
Ethel Maud Dodman
image number 251
image: 251
grave: 216705
Horace James Dodman
image number 251

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