Ethel Jane Hallmey grave monument in Section F cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

Ethel Jane Hallmey grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ethel Jane (Jennie) Hallmey
A E Hallmey
husband of Ethel Jane Hallmey
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image: 788
grave: 198664
Damaris Ward
image number 788
image: 789
grave: 198665
Gertude Brighton
image number 789
image: 790
grave: 198666
Fanny Coppin
image number 790
image: 791
grave: 198667
Margaret Ann Cherrell
image number 791
image: 792
grave: 198668
Fanny Batey
image number 792
image: 793
grave: 198669
Hannah Mabel Drewery
image number 793
image: 794
grave: 198670
Sarah Ann Rhodes
image number 794
image: 795
grave: 198671
Marjorie Waud
image number 795
image: 796
grave: 198672
William Jones
image number 796
image: 797
grave: 198673
Maud Garnett
image number 797
image: 798
grave: 198674
Ethel Jane Hallmey
image number 798
image: 799
grave: 198675
Hannah Maria Maidens
image number 799
image: 800
grave: 198676
Agnes Caspersen
image number 800
image: 801
grave: 198677
Charles Rowston
image number 801
image: 802
grave: 198678
Catherine Would
image number 802
image: 803
grave: 198679
Mary Ellen Firth
image number 803
image: 804
grave: 198680
William Boyers
image number 804
image: 805
grave: 198681
William Johnson
image number 805
image: 807
grave: 198682
Jessie Elizabeth Edwards
image number 807
image: 809
grave: 198683
George Gillespie
image number 809
image: 810
grave: 198684
James Woolnought
image number 810

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