Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I find out if anyone else has requested the image I am interested in?

When someone requests a high quality image they are presented with an image request form. There is an option on the form that allows people to be put in contact with others that have also requested the same image. This only happens if each person has pressed the Yes, I want you to send my details to potential cousins button.

The Gravestone Photographic Resource will never disclose someones details without their permission.

Another way for people to contact others who are researching the same grave monument is now available. This new feature allows visitors to a grave page on the website where someone else has requested a higher quality image. There is a link next to the text input by the person who requested the image. A message will be sent to this person who may, or may not, reply. The system DOES NOT display the original persons email address.

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