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Feedback :-- family being researched: DAVISON

complicated site to search

Directed here from Ancestry which showed details of a Robert Davison but could not find the respective info - found it very complicated. The validation image was also ridiculously unreadable I had to use a magnifying glass and not everyone has one Name: Robert Davison Birth Year: 1737 Burial Year: 1818 Burial Place: Rothbury, Northumberland, England Death Age: 81 Cemetery: All Saints
entry submitted by ann newby on: 09/02/2018 03:37 GMT ........ contact this person

I am sorry you had problems with the website. If you had clicked on the SEARCH link on the top menu then you would have entered the search system. If you had entered Robert in the forename box and Davison in the surname box of the initial FULL NAME SEARCH and then pressed the FIND NAME button, you would have been presented with a list of the Robert Davisons that are currently held within the GPR database. Currently there are 26 entries and the one you are interested in is the third one down. If you click on his name you will see his grave page which mentions the four names listed on the monument. There is a thumbnail image on the page as well as the option of requesting a free large and better quality version. I will look at the validation images to see if I can find the one that caused you problems. Before I added the user validation system I would typically get over a hundred spam messages from the website. Finally please note that the GPR is a free service provided by volunteers unlike Ancestry.
entry submitted by Charles Sale on 10/02/2018 06:45 GMT ........ contact this person

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