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GPR statistics

There are now:

within GPR.

Many graves now have more than one photo.

No charge is made for any of these images.

Latest cemetery added

Old Graveyard cemetery
Orkney Islands
Old Graveyard
Added on 19 July 2016
photographed and indexed by Sylvia Brewer

Latest News

Now over 541,000 graves and 1,169,000 names

There are now over half a million graves and a million names on the GPR database!

March 2016: The search system has been extended

Two new A-Z searches have been added: maiden and family names. A family name is where there is a surname as the last name of the forenames. This was a common practice before the middle of the 20th century.

There are also two new individual maiden and family name search routines.

February 2016: GPR website more responsive for different devices

All pages within the website have been re-written to allow visitors to select the level of detail that is displayed.

This can be done by selectng the required detail level within the change the amount of detail displayed box.